I am very excited because maybe this summer I am going to a diabetes campment that’s held here in Monterrey by the “Federacion Mexicana de Diabetes” (FMD; Mexican Diabetes Federation) I am very happy about that i just need to convince my mom for completely! :S haha

I remember that the last time I went, it helped me and my family realize how many people in the world are living with the same condition and now it makes me think in all the work this organization had; to make all the activities possible.

I am very thankful with all the Diabetes organizations that today improve the quality of life of people with Diabetes, such as the ADA, JDRF, FMD ect…who through all their years of service have proved to us that Diabetes is actually never slowing us down. xD

And specially thanks to tudiabetes community because in here I’ve made a lot of new friends, it helps us connect with each other and share our story I love that! hahah


Keep it sweet and positive