The Anti-Resource - Mis-Information on the Net

Check out this website for blood sugar control. I found it when I was surfing for an a1c chart. This woman is nutzy… she says your blood should always be between 70-85 wowsers… I so could not keep that up always… Scroll down and see her reply back to someone who wrote in damn!!

Love to hear your thought or other wacky stuff you come across…

Yesterday, I had a high-risk OB tell me that my fasting should be between 60 and 80, and overall should never go above 140.

If I had a working pancreas, that might be possible.

WOW!! And she did not mean sometimes, huh? lol I will work on that and let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

I’m not going back to her. She obviously has no idea how unattainable that is for a T1.

I’m not pregnant, yet, but hopefully will be soon. The fertility practice I’m going to insisted on the pre-conception consult with the high-risk OB.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

Thanks for posting… though I think I am going to have nightmares over that man!

I just went for my pre-con consult too… It was 2 weeks ago, she took tons and tons of blood work and will not give me my results. The doc is ALWAYS out of the office and the nurses refuse to hand it over… I am dying to know my A1C to see how much work I still have before we get seriously down to trying…

ditto here! I had the OB who supposedly treats “high risk” pregnancies, tell me that my BG should always be 50 while pregnant. I haven’t been back.