The Better Betics Blog : Already Struggling

It's been less than a week into my new pact with my best friend and fellow diabetic Andrew Grabowski (who had the wonderful idea of blogging on this awesome site) and I'm already finding it to be a struggle. It feels like I'm living such a hectic life where I'm too busy putting different things on top of Diabetes on my priority list (if that makes sense?). I know that Diabetes should be near the top on that list, because it's my health, but since I've had it for most of my life ( I don't remember a life without Diabetes) I'm afraid of become almost desensitized to it. I say "Yes, I know" to the list my endocronologist tells me: you can get a low blood sugar go into a coma/ have a seizure, you can go high and go into a coma/have seizure, you can loose a limb, you can become paralyzed, and the ever popular you can DIE.

Yes, I know all these things, but it hasn't happened yet right? I know this is probably a negative attitude but I don't know how to change it. I am trying to do the right thing now that I'm on the Better Betics pact, but I guess I just haven't had that "defining moment" about my Diabetes. Am I the only one that feels like this? Because, sometimes, it sure feels like it. Well, I'm going to go test and try to continue to do my best- Martha Ann

Martha! Don’t worry… This was a rough two days for the both of us! I feel you on the… I think I’m pretty invincible myself, and I think "That will NEVER to me, bc I’m still young… But I know I have to improve now so it doesn’t catch up with me when I am older. I need to be on Broadway for a long time!!! (haha!). But together we’ll be able to get everything down. And this site provides a wonderful Support system!

Martha, I am not an expert by any means, but I want to share with you what drives me…my family. I have kids that depend on me and I do it for them. Recently I found myself on the end of experiencing lows that came from nowhere and instead of taking the time to find out the problem, I kept at my usual pace and dealt with it as it came along. Then I experienced my first low that came out of nowhere and I don’t remember anything. I was home along with my children for an hour before I was found by my husband. I have always known that I have to take care of myself because people are counting on me, but this was a bucket of ice cold water in the face to tell me that I matter because people need me and they care. Also, it was a wake up call that the doctors are right. It really CAN happen to you.

Be well. You deserve it.