The Black Coffee Conundrum

I am a heavy coffee drinker - BLACK WITH NO MILK/CREAM/ETC. I have noticed that the brand and production method for my coffees have an affect on my BG which I need to bolus up to about 3 units depending.

So I decided to test with Yerba Mate, a caffeinated tea, and found it also affects my BG! I need caffeine in the morning without a BG increase! I know that zero-sugar energy drinks work but dont like the taste :(

My coffee data is as follows (affect indicates mg/dl increase):
Pre-Ground, Espresso, non-organic - large affect (50-70)
Pre-ground, non-flavored, non-organic coffees - lower affect (10-30)
Pre-ground, non-flavored, organic coffees - lower affect (10-30)
Pre-ground, flavored, organic coffees - lower affect (10-30)
Pre-ground flavored, non-organic coffees - medium-to-large affect (30-50)
Ground, non-flavored, non-organic - medium-to-large affect (30-50)
Ground, flavored, non-organic - large affect (50-70)

Any suggestions??

there's been a lot of discussions on this. I too have to bolus for coffee, however, I don't really think it's the coffee, more the time of day, DP, etc... try drinking one of your preferred coffee/tea beverages in the evenings to see if it raises your blood sugars. I did this and found it didn't. Thus, it was just the morning hormone rise, with or without the coffee.

Before T1D, I'd drink coffee without a thought. Now I'm more careful with the kidneys, and I restrict myself to one large cup in the morning. Still may drink a cup for special occasions and cold weather,though.

I have to bolus for coffee regardless of the time of day. Caffeine has an unusual affect on different people. .8 unit bolus for 8 ounces works just fine for my black black black coffee.

As we've seen in discussions on this topic as it regularly comes up, there's quite a bit of variation from PWD to PWD on this.

For me, it's not coffee per se, it's caffeine. I torture myself by dumping caffeinated coffee on top of my DP, just making the whole affair that much more frustrating to deal with every morning. If I leave the coffee out, I can leave out a bolus for 20g carb equivalent.

Caffeine, a stimulant, messes around with a variety of hormones that also affect BG. As I understand it, it's primarily stimulation of adrenalin and cortisol by caffeine resulting in a temporary increase in insulin resistance that drives BGs higher in some people. Caffeine sensitivity seems to vary widely in the population.

Hm. Interesting. I have always had issues with the coffee/caffeine issue. I could never figure out how it affects my blood sugar. I don't drink large amounts of coffee but I almost always have a cup with breakfast (no sweetener, just a "splash" of low fat milk) and occasionally I will have one at work if I'm particularly tired that day. Sometimes my bloodsugar is high mid morning for no apparent reason, but sometimes it's not. I figured it had something to do with the never occurred to me that different types of coffee could have different effects.

Honestly I think you know more about this than anyone I know. It confounds me as to why this seems to occur. I do not see any decaf in your list does the do the same thing? I know in hospitals coffee is a free food. But we know it is not a free and it can move blood sugar a bunch. If you discover the effect of decaf I for one would love to hear it. I am not a fan of decaf per say, but I have heard it tends to moves BG less, I have no idea if that is true?

I heard recently the coffee effect is a liver effect, again I do not know that for certain and I would love too know.

Other than removing from you routine a little hit of insulin might be your only option. Nothing wrong with that. Curious on your test were you fasting when determine the BS increase? Also when are you drinking in the morning( as part of a meal, no meal,coffee break)? Caffeine might be increasing your morning DP. A lot of variables. I just handle with a little insulin.