The cost of the pump: I would really like to start pumping

For a lot time I think I was scared of pumping. Terrified, in fact. I made up excuses. “I don’t have time. I don’t have the money.” But now, I can say, that I am finally ready to get to pumpin’.

However, those issues still remain. Particularly the money issue. Sure, my insurance will cover part of the start up costs as well as some of the supplies. But I will be left covering around 1500-2500 dollars. Neither I nor my family has that kind of money. Not to mention the inevitable CGM (something I really, really want!).

How do I determine whether pumping/CGMs are things I need or simply want? And what about when my opinion differes from my insurance company?

And even worse, what about in 9-18 months when I will lose my parent’s insurance? Should I just stay on injections, since they’ll be cheaper when that happens???

I guess my real question is, does anybody know of any way I could get help funding my initial pump purchase? The insurance questions will be answered later I’m sure. But I don’t want to start getting ready for a pump and find out that I won’t be able to afford it.

i am sorry that i can’t be a huge help,but i will try
first,how is your control right now,if it’s good,that’s good for your health,but maybe changes your motive,it means you don’t need it that much,but you want it
and if it’s good,you may need it because it’s tiring
about the costs,as starters,get the pump,and the pump supply first,it won’t hurt since it’s on the insurance
then,try to find any work that has at least a coverage for pump supplies
am sorry,i know that maybe hard to do,but that’s all what i know
i hope i have been at least a little bit of useful

My control is not great, but not awful. I’m sitting in the high 7’s as far as a1c goes, but my actual numbers are usually on a rollar coaster - high in the mornings, crash in the evenings usually with an overtreat or two. I am frustrated, although it’s better than running constantly in the 200’s as i did about a year ago.

All of the pump companies have finance programs available for your out of pocket costs… you can tell them what you can afford to pay each month, and they can probably work out a solution.

When I got my first pump nearly 8 years ago, MiniMed was actually able to offer me some financial aid which knocked off about $1200 from my out of pocket cost.

Hi Sarah Jane! Call your parents health insurance and ask them questions about how much are they going to cover the insulin pump and the supplies or your mom can call if you don’ think you can remember everything they told you. Then ask about CGMS coverage if they have one. Your parents insurance will send you out a package of how much your health insurance cost you when you are the age 23 years old (that’s in Kansas). Then you will go on for there. Good Luck! :}:}:}:}