The current cost of life is costing alot of stress

I sit here and pay bills. Feed the kids and watch the budget. We eat more processed foods than we are used to in order to fill up the tummies. I’ve again asked hubby about insurance to no answers.
sigh… this issue is not going well. Along with sibling rivalry with the kids and their chores. I’ve watched my blood pressure go up. I’m so tired of being “umpire” mom. Special needs kids with issues of the mental health kind… really can be “Loud.” I’m so tired of “loud.” …
My bloodsugar numbers are ranging from 115 to 300 on any given day when I do test.
Menopause and sleepless sweaty nights don’t help either.
On the other hand… at least my garden is growing and later this summer we’ll have a bounty of tomatoes,lettuce,cucumbers,carrots,kale and brocolli. Whatever else I can plant and get to grow.:slight_smile:
Staying away from bread is really hard right now. Eating anything is a matter of making sure the kids get enough. I cant believe we’re in this financial mode. We make too much to qualify for the normal kinds of aide. We’re not the only ones… alot are falling between the cracks. Without even thinking about a “chronic disease” that is “my fault” as a type 2.
Well, here is the vent of the day… about all I can do for now. At least fuss out loud. I know that I have friends that care.

Hi There Meadowlark:

Yes, you have many Friends. Pllease include me as another one. I’m sorry
to hear that you and your Family are going through this bad time. I hope
that you are content again soon.

It’s still amazing that you can raise food from the sand. Good Luck for a
plentiful harvest.

LOL! it’s not just sand… there is some dirt here:) just cruddy times and we’re part of it. Glad to have a new friend.