The Devil Really Is In The Details, And With Diabetes, There Are Alot Of Details

I confessed earlier to being a thought hoarder. And with T1D, or any diabetes for that matter, thought hoarding makes less room for details, and details are what can make our diabetic lives stable or unstable.

We know that one extra gram of carbs, one extra unit, or even half unit, of insulin, timing, scheduling, can make all the difference between how we feel, how we work, how we function, even if we function.

Although some of us rely heavily on medical technology for some calculations, it only goes so far. It gives us less to worry about, but in no way removes the physiological factors and many of the other variables that make up our daily lives.

With diabetes, we have to prioritize our thoughts, and often our actions. We have to back-up our back-ups. And that's just to get through a regular day.

With those of you with special job duties or life duties, what tips can help us organize our information and manage our diabetes better?

The main two I apply to myself are KISS or Keep It Simple, Stupid, and to have a plan, even a simple one, but still a plan. What are some others you use?

Well, I'm learning to just do what I have to do and stop trying to explain that to the T3's in my life because they will never understand.