The Dreaded No Delivery Alarm

I hate them! I’ve been getting these pretty frequently lately, and today was the last straw!!! Only happens during a bolus. My #'s are ok. Pump seems to be working alright, and CDE seems to think it may be scar tissue. I just switched from the 9mm quick sets to the 6 mm. I use my lower abdomen mostly because it has the most fatty areas…my behind always gets no delivery alarms as I did MDI there for years. There isn’t much “give” in either the arms or legs. So…a different infusion set? My CDE thinks that may be the way to go. She showed me the silhouettes and the serter thing and needle scare me (crazy, I know!) Have any of you had less alarms once you switched sets? Do you like them better than the quick sets?

Sorry to hear about the no delivery alarm! Yes they are frustrating…

Have you tried Sure-T infusion sets? I haven’t tried them yet, but I read great reviews.

What about the “love handles” / lower back for infusion sites? I get great absorption there and find it quite comfortable!

Yeah, having no delivery alarms made me stop bolusing with the pump and just giving myself shots instead. (That eventually made me get off the pump…)

I used quick-sets for 5 years and got no delivery alarms just about weekly. Have been using Sure-t sets for the past year and haven’t had one! …And have only had ONE bleeder!

The Sure-T is an AMAZING infusion set

You should experiment with different infusion sets and insertion sites. There are tons of combinations and I’m sure you could find one to work for you.

I’m sure the pump isn’t for everyone but boy I couldn’t survive without it.

I’ve had three set failures in my first month of pumping. I just looked at the Sure-T at Medtronics’ on line store. Would you be willing to help me with a couple questions? Doesn’t the steel canula feel uncomfortable? I’m a little heavy and in need of 9mm which the Sure-T doesn’t provide. Will that be a problem? Last, with two adhesive pads it would seem that I’m going to be pulling twice as much hair. OUCH!

I also use Sure-T infusion sets and I find them to be the least painful. Trust me, I didn’t believe it myself, I was scared to try them but you really don’t feel them at all! Once every few months a set will bother me after inserting it, and i just pull it out and move it a couple of inches (bc they’re steel, you don’t need to toss it, it can be moved). I am also pretty over weight (by about 60 pounds) and the short steel works just fine for me. I just put a piece of IV3000 over the top to ensure it doesn’t get pulled out accidentally. You should call minimed directly and ask for samples. They’d gladly send you some. :slight_smile:

Ok, you’ve convinced me to try the sure t’s. I’m pretty lean, though, except for the lower ab pooch…want to try different sites, but am concerned I need something that goes in at an angle. Will try the sils, too and see which ones I like better.

Thanks for the input. Will keep you posted!

I liked Silhouettes as well. But I haven’t tried the SureT’s yet. I’m asking my MM rep about them!

Hey this might be a long shot (no pun intended - sorry!) but I switched from 9 to 6 mm at Medtronic’s suggestion, but still had chronic “No Delivery” (often non-alarmed cases where I had to keep testing to find out my BG was really high and climbing!). Finally, after I kept asking the FNP at my endo.'s appt., he suggested switching to the “Sure T” infusion sets which are for kids and have metal rather than plastic needles. I’d already seen the silhouettes by the way, and yes, these definitely scared me too! So…I’ve now been using the Sure T’s for almost 3 months with almost no problems, and no more bending canulas / needles. These needles are metal and so they can’t bend. Only down side is that you have to change them out every 2 days instead of every 3. But, it’s a small inconvenience which is greatly outweighed by the advantages of no more bent / non-delivering canulas. I wish you lots of luck in finding what works best for you. Please feel free to keep me posted!

Dave, You , along with frequent quick set ‘failures’( no delivery alarms constantly, at least 2 times weekly with soaring blood glucoses) have convinced me to go with the Sure Ts… I had a problem using the serter that Minimed sent me complimentary while I "tried out " THE SURE-T’s. I could not figure out how to do the darn thing and just stuck the Sure-t in . I guess I need a professional to do a “training” . I am not a quick visual learner; and the diagrams that came with the Sure-T did not help me: I need words and descriptive language… I do find it more difficult to insert the Sure-T accurately, but it is not painful… and it seemed to be O.K. for the two times I have worn it. Minimed sent me enough samples to last a week… I have to decide if I want the sure t’s or return to the “quick sets”, and I have to decide soon… I have to do a cost benefit anaylsis, I guess. Now is it REALLY true that you have to change the Sure-T’s every 2 days?. I can go 3 days on a functioning Quick set…The Minmed 1-800 24- hour phone rep said that you HAVE to change the Sure-t’s EVERY 2 DAYS. PERIOD. I guess that would be the only reason I would stay with the risky Quick-set

I just took out my Quick set and saw that the cannula was bent.

It made me think of all of you :slight_smile: and want to try SureT’s even more (supposedly they are not available in Hungary-- where I live-- but I have been requesting them for months!!).

I might have to check those out. I have to admit that knowing how bad my 6m pinch, it pains me to imagine a short steel needle!

the only problem with the sure-t’s is there is no 'serter–and if a needle phobe like some of us a manual insertion is just not happening :frowning:

I’m a “serter phobe”. I would rather poke myself with a big needle than have to push that button!! :wink:

funny–works for me cause I don’t have to see the needle go in–maybe one of these days I’ll get up the nerve–I can do a syringe now w/o passing out–not easy,and still hold my breath–but can do if necessary–thankfully not often

ME TOO!!! Seriously terrified!

So when folks are getting the no delivery alarm, do you really pull out your set right then and replace it, or just make sure the line was not kinked externally and hit resume first to see if it goes away?

I’ve been pumping for almost two weeks now, and after reacting badly to the Silhouette sets (lots of inflammation, some pain after removal, and bumps under the skin for a couple of days afterward), I got a few samples of other types to try. The Sure T worked like a charm, and I figured I’d try the Quick Set now, but 7 hours in, got a NO DELIVERY alarm while laying in bed. The instructions say to remove the entire set, but jeez, if these errors are a regular occurrence for some people, this seems incredibly wasteful and expensive. Any and all thoughts/opinions appreciated.

If you get “no delivery” alarms regularly from the QuickSet, then you should definitely switch to a new infusion set. I had no delivery alarms with my 9mm Quick Set, but the 6mm works great for me.

Many people use Quick Set without a problem. I have never had a no delivery problem or a bent cannula since switching to the 6mm.

But if the Sure-T worked well for you, then that sounds like the way to go!!

Thanks Dave and Kristin. I’ve used two Sure T’s now, and am now on a second attempt at the QuickSet and it’s working fine this time (using a 6mm both times), so perhaps it was just placement before.

Unfortunately, neither the Sure T nor the QuickSet is fixing my primary issue, which I’ll post separately to grab a few more eyeballs…