The drug that could 'reset' the immune system of diabetics

Has anyone else heard about this study and the results that are being reported?

A cocktail of two drugs "reset" the immune system of Type 1's and cause the body to produce insulin again...

There were no comments posted to the story when I found this, so I thought I would add the link here to see if anyone else knows more about it or has heard more.

god i got so excited and opened this and saw that the article was from the daily mail. :(

The story seems to be based on real results:

Vitae of Dr Haller:

The trial for the combination of Neulasta and AGF:

Well, I hadn't heard about it until you posted it. It would be great, if it works, but I am a little skeptical these days when I hear anything about beta cell regeneration and the like.

These days, breaking health news is usually big news everywhere, and this claim doesn't seem to have generated much, if you Google it, except for the article you posted. It would be big news if it could have the effects they are claiming.

Yeah, I should have added a warning about the source. But as Holger points out, it does seem to come from a valid source. But I figure if it makes the Daily Mail, its reaching a wide and diverse audience.

The hopeful part of me is cautiously excited because I foster the belief that Type 1's do still make some insulin producing beta cells; there just needs to be a way to tell the immune system to calm down.

The cynical part of me doubts this will make it to production as it is too profitable to "manage the symptoms" rather than treat the disease.