The High Cost of Insulin in the United States: An Urgent Call to Action

Insulin pricing in the United States is the consequence of the exact opposite of a free market: extended monopoly on a lifesaving product in which prices can be increased at will, taking advantage of regulatory and legal restrictions on market entry and importation.


I saw their Doc speak on this. He was awesome.
I had super low BG when I was there, though.
So, I really appreciate the full write up.

Approximately 7.4 million Americans with diabetes use one or more formulations of insulin . People with diabetes using insulin come from varied economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

We have the numbers to take out any politician in the primaries or general election but every so called “advocacy group” is controlled by big pharma.

7.4 million, with numbers like that we could be such a force but I have tried to rally people, they are sheep.

7.4 million, even if just a million or 10,000 took some real action we would have this problem solved by the end of next week.

We have zero organization or leadership.

I mean its dirty what they do to us using our condition to make us into cash cows but people won’t fight about it.

Just as dirty as the local heroin dealer that knows people need his product or they get sick. They are low life dirt bags.

“An Urgent Call to Action”

What action do they suggest we take ?

"At the physician and institutional levels, we need
to commit to helping our patients get the
drugs they need at affordable prices. To
do this, we need to become better educated
on drug prices and be more willing to
discuss prices and affordability with patients. "


Thats “action” LOL !!!

“we need to become familiar with
resources such as and that provide information
on the cost of drugs as well as the pharmacies that offer the drug at the lowest price.”

Oh ya sure that would solve everything getting “familiar with

Provided by the same scum ripping us off.

Ya sure ! That will just solve everything.

That’s pretty much what the whole situation boils down to. That and collusion by the insulin manufacturers to not compete and keep prices high.

He is writing (primarily) to state legislatures and the state on MN. MN is suing them. There is a task force. He is on it. The Mayo is performing patient advocacy where very few others are willing. The Mayo is manufacturing their own drugs to deal with market fixing. They are doing a lot. But, others are doing things too - perhaps less effective, but they are trying. Mayo puts its money where its mouth is.

Have you been in to talk to your state reps yet?
You have to stay calm and friendly when you do.
I got my insulin covered last year by the manufacturers (they paid all my out of pocket). So, this stuff works. They did other stuff for me, too. I might be getting a little bit of special treatment from doing this stuff.

If you write down your experience of difficulty in accessing insulin (I know you have done this a lot, but things are always changing - new problems pop up, old probs disappear), perhaps we can get a letter together documenting your difficulty for your representatives.

It always helps me to write it down because then very knowledgeable people on this forum respond. I end up seeing any possible response I might get, except for the responses from people who don’t know anything - those are always the most surprising. I’m not usually prepared for what those people say. They say some nutty stuff that’s hard to respond to. They draw some odd conclusions about health care and how it works.

Until you understand the enemy there is not much chance of defeating them.

What kind of people spend their lives ensuring that sick people are cash cows paying over $300 for something that cost $5 to make ?

They are called psychopaths.

Normal people like you and I don’t do things like that.

We were born with souls.

I see so many activists appealing to emotion "people are dying they can afford their medication !!! "

Its a failed battle plan cause they don’t understand the enemy does not care, not because they refuse to care but because they just don’t have that ability.

They couldn’t care if the wanted to any more then a deaf person could listen to music.

The video I posted is lame but read the PDF , written be the leading expert on the subject Robert D. Hare.

Posts cant be empty.

One of my good friends with chronic illness would agree with you completely.
He stops just short of calling them psychopaths, though.
He would say, “Never date a Doctor.”
He would say that people who become Docs have a tendency toward narcissism and enter the profession primarily to make a lot of money.

Of course, that’s not everybody. But, they do have a high proportion of difficult personalities, I believe. Any organization with more than 100 people has a high probability of having at least one psychopath. Hospitals are large places and probably rank a little higher than the average place. Their out there. I’ve met them.

I’ll take a look at your PDF. My other friend thinks they got a cluster B at work. He’s been up to some pretty unusual and puzzling things. Boundaries are starting to get a little disturbing.

The only solution for dealing with a cluster B is to run in the opposite direction.

You really can’t win.

I think I read that years ago when we had trouble at work. They had to dissolve the entire department. It was unfortunate. One of them made it to the top. There was no other option. It only takes one bad one.

The best advice I ever have been given on this matter is: Never put anyone into management because they want to be there. No normal person should want to be in management. Its a warning sign.

The trick is to give them enough rope to hang themselves. I worked at heath care faculty with textbook narcissist as administrator.

I don’t even know what to do its so sad that in the US 7.5 million insulin users can’t get together and fight back.

Like I said in other post we out number the armies of US Russia and China combined but can’t get anything done.

It just sucks.

Its gonna take a long time. But, we are paving the road for others.
The epi-pen people paved this road for us.

The Mayo Doc is actually kinda using us as precedence for cancer drugs. He’s a cancer Doc. Their drugs are much more expensive than ours.

He thinks that we are such a clean cut, black and white, easy example of market fixing, that we are the right place to start.

It is more of a money problem or more of an access problem for you, Igot?
I go back and forth.