The Lost of A Trusted Diabetic Friend

Medic Alert bracelet,
You have been a great friend and have never been away from me in 2 years. You have only came off during surgeries and mri’s but have never been far away. You went right back on my wrist in a matter of minutes. You were there during the asthma attack and I couldn’t talk to the paramedics. They looked for you and were able to get my information. You never left my side the day my blood sugar was in the 30’s and I was in shock. In the e.r., they saw you immediately and turned you over and gathered my information from you. You probably saved my life that day. For 2 years you have been there, but you have to be replaced. I hate to see you go.

Isn’t it weird how we get attached to our diabetic “toys” and hate to see them go.

hah…I liked this post. It piqued my interest. hope you get a nice new one soon!

yes… :slight_smile: though I have only one “toy”… my meter… and I don’t have a medic alert bracelet :-), but I can relate to this post! cute… How can I get a medic alert bracelet??? can they send it to me here in the Philippines??? :slight_smile:

ahhh… I know that feeling oh so well! I transition very poorly to new items in my life! Thankfully, I was able to force my old meter into working for 2 months while I sat and looked at the unopened box for my new meter. Still, had the shakes just trying to open the box and call support to set it up. Now, I still dont like this one and am hoping to find one easier to live with.