The Misinformation Never Ends

Someone recently directed me to a web site that calculates your A1c from your average BG, or vice versa. So I entered my latest A1c, which was 5.7, and it told me my average BG is 116.

Now, there are several formulas in use and they're obviously using one that gives one of the lower answers. Okay, fine, to each his own.

BUT: the answer was accompanied by this comment:

"Congratulations! Your A1C result falls within the normal range—even for people who don't have diabetes. "

Uh, no. I'm sorry, but it does nothing of the kind, as any follower of Bernstein knows full well.

Oh, the best part: this web site is run by the manufacturer of my meter!

There is so much bad info out there being spoon fed to the unwary. Grrrrrr!

end of rant >>

OK, my latest was 5.8 and my average was something like 102. What can I say but... statistics, oy!

Are you sure about your 5.8 being an average of 102? One I use gave an average of 120. Even using a different formula that doesn't translate to 102. 120-102--easy to transpose.

Oh yes, brought to you the people who say get your BG to 180 before bed.

That's according to my pump download. FWIW :)

Oh, dear. Your pump manufacturer needs to do some tweaking.