The penalties of not being neat

Went to replace my G-4 transmitter this morning. I knew exactly where the green box was in my supply case but the problem was that it was empty . I hadn’t thrown the box away last time I changed and therefore didn’t realize that I needed to order a new one with my last order. I plan on switching to the G-6 as soon as possible so I didn’t want to stockpile.

I called Dexcom this morning and I need an out of warranty letter before they can request a preauthorization. I figure I’m good for three weeks of finger sticks.

It’s amazing how little you can mess up when you’re dependent on all of this technology mediated by the technology and health insurance companies.



The battery can be replaced


I also keep the old box. I keep it because I write everything on the box. The date I received it, the date I started it and of course it has all the numbers if I have to call with an issue. And to save myself this nightmare, I write on the wall calendar two weeks before it is going to die, to remind myself to reorder.
So very sorry you are in this mess, but trust me, you are not alone in this one.

Bummer! I’m partially super-organized. I mark the dates of sensor installation on the sensor labels and store them with my stash. I mark the date I receive transmitters with a Magic Marker on the green boxes. Tossing them is something I recently began doing, for the reason that you mentioned–thinking each box in my stash has something valuable in it.

The best teacher is the mistakes that we make. I’ve made some doozies and don’t usually repeat the worst of them (speaking in general–not just regarding medical stuff).


Ugh. Happened to me with my last G6 transmitter. Thought I had already received my replacement one, opened the box and oops. Nope. I hold on to the box each time in case I need the SN or whatever, and that’s what it was, same as you. Fortunately I get mine at Walgreens, and the one at Joslin Center always has 'em in stock.

Take a photo with your phone. I shoot all of the items with serial numbers such as transmitters, receivers. If u have lots of photos, Google photos is pretty good at finding them by description (I just hit the mic button in Google Photos Search, and speak what I’m looking for).

What has made this all the more crazy is that I thought that I’d be able to get the G-6 with my last order since I’m not on Medicare and am switching from the Vibe to Tandem. But no :tired_face: - they’ll let me know before the end of the 4th quarter when I can transition. The lesson may be that if it’s possible to make something difficult and awkward, Dexcom will manage to do it.

Can you get G6 from another DME, that is used by your insurance, or under pharmacy ? I just ordered G6 for first time, not even questioned/confirmed what I was already using (G4). They just needed RX from endo.