The Research Horizon: What's New?

What's out there on the research horizon for type1? Is there anything new? Is anyone participating in any research/trials? I know I will never give up hope that maybe we can be cured or get better treatments. I asked my endo about the psoriasis drug that has been used for newly type 1 but he didn't seem to think it would be something to try at this point.

I'm reading a book called An Epidemic of Absence which is all about how micro organisms and parasites may help prevent and/or treat autoimmune diseases and allergies (and related conditions like asthma). I'm finding it very interesting! Especially since I have food allergies, environmental and seasonal allergies, asthma, eczema, and Type 1 diabetes, pretty much every chapter in the book talks about something that affects me.

The last time I asked an endocrinologist about trials (in Canada) he said there are trials for kids, trials for new-onset Type 1s (diagnosed within the past few years), and trials for Type 1s with complications, but nothing out there for those of us who are adults and have had Type 1 for decades.

Hi Jenn,

That sounds like a good book to read... I will check it out.. Do you take a probiotic? I have donated blood to dr. Faustman's lab, but so far that is it. I was diagnosed last year so maybe I can find another trial to participate in. My endo mentioned something he knew about the time before last but he said my a1c might be too low, apparently some of the requirements will rule me out unfortunately.

Dr faustman doesn't have that requirement, at least not for her phase 1.