Things you like the most about the pump

I havn't started pumping yet,but soon I well, here are the top reasons i like the pump

1-I always thought that i would make a good use of the pump,the reason behind my bad a1c is that my insulin pen isn’t always with me,so I eat and tell my self i would correct as soon as I get my hands on the pen
wich doesn’t happen that much often=(
ans since their is no escape from the pums web(aka infusion set)i would bolus instead of lazing around

2-the temp basal,it would be a huge help

3-changing the routine

4-let’s you forget diabetes for a while

that’s what i can think of right now,what about you?

Believe it or not, the biggest benefit to having a pump for me is that it took the emotion out of “bad” BGs. That makes it far more likely that I’ll test often. I love it that all I have to do is check my BG and tell the pump how many carbs I’m going to eat. The pump does the math and delivers the right amount of insulin. When I need to correct a high, I just push a couple of buttons.

And I do forget that I have diabetes for a while from time to time. :slight_smile:

I would add that my primary reason for switching from shots to the pump is that the absorption and utilization of the insulin is more “predictable”. It makes adjusting insulin and living my life much easier:) I remember feeling like I was coming out of a fog the first week of being on the pump! I did not realize how tired I was from the rollercoaster that is basal injectable insulins! Good luck to you Saya! and I hope you start pumping soon:)

Pump make my life easier! :slight_smile: Temp basal helps me a lot, I can manage my diabetes better and bolus wizard is sth gorgeous! I just forgot to eat, it doesn’t matter anymore. I want to eat right now, everywhere I am, i can do my bolus and eat. It is so easy and very helpful. No doudt, you should try it.

Pumping does NOT let you forget about diabetes for a while… in fact, most of the pump companies will tell you that if that is one of your primary reasons for wanting a pump, you might not be a good candidate for one.

And it’s still plenty easy to forget a bolus wearing a pump. If you don’t make it a priority, it doesn’t help you out any more than MDI… yes, it’s there, but YOU are still in control of it. Plus you still have to carry around an assortment of extra “stuff” - extra infusion sets (at least 2), backup insulin, etc in addition to your meter.

I love my pump! It’s so much easier!

well,that’s definitely a thing i like about the pump
convenient,easy,quic,less problematic
thanks janet =)

steadiness and stableness
i have the worst bg curves
from 23 to 230
from 40 t0 400,it’s much more better on the pump,oh,i mean,when i pump it will be better :slight_smile:
thanks patricia

of course
thats the primary reason for pumping in the first place
i am on the mdi currently,you wouldn’t like to ask me how ami doing :frowning:
thanks dave,thats expected from our expert :slight_smile:

i do wanna try it as soon as possible,not for an experience
but for real and fore ever
wish me luck
as i said,pump’s availabality is rely nice
for me,those things,bolusing ,goes under the same catogory
thanks maria :slight_smile:

The first time I realized how much I loved my pump…I left the house with a friend and forgot my meter. We came across a cute little town and she suggested that we get breakfast. I said, “Man! I’d love to but I totally forgot my insulin at home!” Before my pump, leaving my meter at home would have meant that I also left my insulin at home. She quickly reminded me that I couldn’t have possibly forgotten my insulin–it was attached to me. While I would definitely not recommend bolusing when you have no meter to test your sugar with, it was a huge relief to realize I did have a little bit of freedom to eat if I needed to.

hi sarah
thanks for mintioning this,i knew someone would comment on that =)
what i meant by forgetting diabetes,is forgetting how diabetes is a troublesome,boring,and not funny
with pump(wich i am gonnna have soon)it’s a more of a game,a fun ting to do,i love new devices,i like to learn howthey work
for me,it’s not gonna be just diabetes,it’s gonna be a puzzle,a chalenge to me as if it’s was a game
the only difference is what’s on the stake :slight_smile: it’s life
thanks sarah,really for mentioning this :slight_smile:
and thanks dave again
but,you said youdo not carry an extra infusion set because of the sure T’s,would you carry any if it wasn’t the sure T’s?

the less you say,the more obvious and sincere your talk seems,that’s what i think :slight_smile:
thanks alyssa =)

it’s okay
evading a question is an answer,the answer i got is’'
don’t use infusion sets other than sure t’s so you don’t need to think about carrying others :slight_smile:
the problem is,i am not sure if they are available in my country :frowning:
anyway,that’s not the point :slight_smile:
thanks dave,for answering my question :slight_smile:

that’s my point
i am a lazy person when it comes to my health(wich it by the way not in the top of my priorities)
i always forget to inject(or too lazy to do so)
thanks cassie for saring with us your opinion,wich happens to be my top reason why i like pumping(well,pumping to be)

If I’m going to be more than an hour from home, I sometimes bring an extra infusion set. But not always.

I ALWAYS carry a syringe with me. If all else fails, I could manage to remove insulin from my pump into a syringe and give shots until I can get a replacement pump (usually that doesn’t take long).

I don’t live in the USA either. But I know where the Medtronic office is and I could even go pick up a pump in about an hour. Also, SureT’s are not available in Hungary where I live either. But once I heard Dave rave about SureTs, I started asking EVERYONE in the Medtronic office when they would be available in Hungary. Last time they told me they should be available in a few months. So even if they aren’t available, ask for them so they know that there is demand for them.

if it was for me,i wouldn’t,i sometimes don’t get my pens for a 5 hours out of house,and if i did,i sometimes won’t take any injections :slight_smile:
do you think i would bring extra infusion sets =)?

thanks kristin =)
when i pump,there would be a lto of calls to the midtronics,i will have lots of time to ask them :slight_smile:

i just hope mom won’t see this :slight_smile:
or else i am gonna be stuck with a pen under my nose for the rest of my life :slight_smile:

everything. Sorry for being so vauge, but that is my answer I like everything about it!!! Would never go back to shots, ever!

The dual wave is definitely becoming my favorite feature after learning more about it on here. I have only been pumping for three months, so really wasn’t shown this feature in my training. It is making a difference, but there is a learning curve involved in my opinion.