Thinking about the Dexcom CGM

Hello, first post here! Just got on the Omnipod last Saturday, and i’m REALLY happy with the results so far. Still tweaking basal rates though, but i’m already able to do just about anything i want to and not have to worry about my sugar going high!

Though, this morning kinda got me thinking. I woke up at 62, not too bad, but lower than i'd like to be. Usually (before i got the pump and stayed under 200 for a week straight) i'd wake up if i got as low as 80, but i guess that my hypoglycemic awareness is starting to fade a little bit... I've heard that Insulet and Dexcom are working together with the CGM and the PDM to integrate. I'm really looking forward to this, but right now, i'm thinking about going ahead and jumping on the Dexcom boat early just for the benefits of a CGM. There's one problem though... i'm on Medicaid, and my Dr. says that they don't cover the CGM. Does anyone know about this? Do they cover it, or would we have to pay for it out of pocket? If so, how much would it cost us to get started, and to pay for the sensors?

Thanks for any and all help :) This looks like a really great community!

I cant speak to your Medicaid question but I can share what I learned at a Diabetes Expo a couple of weeks ago. I talked to the Dexcom rep at length about cost as my insurance co wont cover it for me because “I dont have dangerous lows”. Any way it’s around $1300 to get the monitor and another $250-$300 for the sensors every month- they are approved for use for 7 days each I believe. So it aint cheap. I talked to an older gentleman who has been a Dex user for a couple of years now and I think he said that he did get some medicare/madicade assistance with the cost of the sensors. Use your meter to track your lows, if your Dr. considers them “dangerous” you may get the whole thing covered. The only downside to using 2 seperate divices is that you will have 2 pod sites and two devices to keep track of not to mention your glucose monitor because you still have to do finger stcks at least 2x day with the Dex. So that’s a lot of gizmos to keep track of. The medtronic pump is not tubless but it does have the CGM built into their pump- so only one injection site, and one gizmo…but the omni pod wireless must be thrilling! I hope my day will come! Let us know what you decide!