Through the Eyes of a Type One Dabetic

I have been a type one diabetic for more than 32 years. People tell that I am lucky to be diabetic. It makes me live a health life style they say. I do live a health life style. But blessed to be a type one diabetic? It has been a curse. I have blamed my recent car accident on a defective lot 8 quick set. It is a weight that I carry every step of the way up the mountain, poking my finger, managing my insulin, accepting limitations. I heard that life is ninety percent attitude. While others are eating brats, beer and pie, I am eating salmon, salad and ice tea. While others are struggling to climb a flight of stairs, I am cruising for an hour in the swim pool. I have made healthy choices to help controll the complications of diabetes. It is not a blessing. But, I count my blessings.

Well said, Pat.

I’ve had people tell me the same, usually as they’re stuffing their face with something I can’t eat, something I’d love to eat. My reply, “wanna change places?” That usually stops their nonsense. I get as annoyed with the perky people who tell me I can do anything I want & that’s it’s a matter of determination. No, I can’t do many of the things I did prior to being diagnosed.

I count my blessings also & am forever grateful for insulin, health insurance & being alive to enjoy everything I can for as long as I can. A chronic, serious disease that requires constant vigilance is nothing to feel fortunate about. It’s exhausting physically, mentally, emotionally, financially & take its toll on our loved ones, too.

What has kept me going, is that I knew it could always be worse. I’m glad to have lived this long to be able to taste what used to be forbidden. With today’s technology we can at times taste what used to be forbidden.

I have been a diabetic type1 for just 8 years and this is a incidious disease that really is a curse!. It’s like having a second full time job with a lot of overtime.

well, been doing this since I was seven in 1970. Sucks for sure, but it is what it is. I do it, I get frutrated with it as hell, and then the next day I get up and do it again.

brother, it is what it is. I know it sucks, but what is really important to you? look past the D and any anger you hace and what is most important? answer that and you’ll see what that you need to really worry about