Time for a break

I have been in many, many different clinical trials. I love them. My thinking has always been, if I can help make someone’s diabetes experience a little easier (and maybe mine), I am in. I have been willing to try just about anything.

I have done a number of drug studies over the past few years. My problem with them is I have to come off my type 2 off label drug and you can’t go crazy with treatment plans. And I also hate the fact that you never know whether it’s the drug or the placebo.

Last week, I finished up my latest drug trial. It was disappointing to say the least. Weight gain, no decrease in insulin and was asked to just let things ride, not to play with pump settings and just see what happens.

Well, I am heavier. I have not been in my target goal most days and of course my A1C came back the highest it’s been since the stem cell study. So, I am going to take a break and just get back to my normal. My goals, my pump settings, my exercise goals, all about me!

So no drug studies for awhile. I really need a break. The insulin withdrawals and clamps are hard and I am not getting any younger. So some time off and than I will see about some device studies instead of drug studies. Maybe CGM (Dexcom and Eversense have studies happening) or pump studies. Just something easy.

Never fear, I will get back into it but just need a break. Some alone time with me and my diabetes.


Thank you so much for all you have been doing to help all of us and diabetic mankind. You are truly doing God’s work and we really, really appreciate it!!! We don’t say it enough so I just hope others chime in by not only acknowledging the importance of your efforts but also to motivate others to participate in these critical studies. Bravo, and thanks again, and again, and again.


Wow, good luck with getting everything back the way you need it to be. Your contribution is appreciated. I wanted to get in on the Eversense trial, but I never heard back. That sounds much easier for me than what you’ve done, with all the med changes. Was there a particular trial that you felt worked out well for you, ever? I’ve never done a diabetes-specific trial or study, so I’d be interested in hearing what it’s like.

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I guess this was not a double blind study, or how did you know you were getting the drug and not a placebo.

I did an inhaled insulin study 20 years back. My control was the worst it had ever been I also needed to be followed for lung tests for years after.

I’m still glad I tried it


My participation in studies was when I was a student, almost 40 years ago. How many NG tubes did I tolerate for $100!! :face_vomiting:
I saw it as beer money. :beers::grinning:

Anyway, thanks for doing this @Sally7 no doubly what you and others have done has had benefits for all of us who are doing our best to live with the consequences of diabetes.

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