Tired of People assuming they know me and my Diabetes!

Sorry if this comes off as a rant but i have been in and out of the hospital in the last year almost monthly, they have now found out i have a deficiency and we are correcting it, but i’m tired of the nurses asking me on intake what type i am and when i reply type 2 they ask what meds do you take for it. When i reply insulin pump they get all flustered and ask if i meant type 1. I produce a micro dot litterally! The Endo described it to me when she sharpened her pencil and then touched it to the paper straight down and said if you can see that dot that is twhat you produce but since i produce even though i can’t use it i am a type 2. They have to call the hospitalist to get approval to put me in as type 2 with insulin pump. Then most of the hpospitalist know me by now but they call my endo in fear as i tell them in my file they are not to disconnect my pump unless my health is in major threat or my endo says to. The endo has to litterally come in to give hand written orders about how to handle it. I think i have the 2 main floors covered and all the staff has seen my pump and me use it. I always tell them if you want to see it fine i check my sugars next … and come back and see it. I have had as many as 15 nurses in my room watching me program it.

I wish people would remember that we are all different and that my resistance is not like the next. If i told most diabetics i spent months takingshots of 50-100 units at a time most would think those are very large doses but that is what i needed.

I have just finished my 6th round of pancreatitis and with my cholesterol/ triglicerydes at 8,000+ my pump is not working due to the cannula clogging so i had to go on shots for a month and that was the worst so my A1C is over 13 it is coming down but i was told by a nurse i should consider my health valuable. I almost cried, then told her what was going on and that i was doing my best with my doc and if not eating for a week was not bringing it down then it was not me just eating what i wanted. She felt bad when she left but i pray she learned we are all different.

We are all humans and here in this site we all have some kind of contact with diabetes but that doesn’t mean we are all 100% alike!
Thank you for listening to me i hope i am not alone in this feeling!

So sorry for what you have to deal with. Bad enough to be in the hospital, but having to go through this aggravation on top of it really is infuriating.

The best thing to do if anyone gives you grief is to ask to speak with the hospital administrator. It’s the admin’s job to make sure patients are treated respectfully & appropriately.

A friend on the pump was hospitalized for something not related to diabetes. His wife had to fight for his right to keep his pump. The nurses were uncooperative & insisted on injections (because they want to be in control of all meds).

I am T2 and on a pump I don’t have any problems with it. Many people with T2 have pumps. I am like you though. I have basically no production of insulin but since there is a tiniest margin I am considered T2. Have been since 18. I had gestational that turned me T2 and weighed 115lbs. There are a lot of misconceptions period with diabetics. If we dwell on them we will all go crazy. I am misunderstood all the time for being young, not obese and T2 and on a pump. But there are so many misconceptions out there I could never straighten them all. I still deal with, you must of ate a lot of candy when you was little. OR well you will be ok just don’t eat any sweets. HEHEHE boy there are so many I could go on all day.

I go to the hospital all the time to, they never ask me what type. Diabetic is diabetic and they have to treat the same.