To pump or not to pump, that is a question!


My first home PC was the Apple IIe with a 8 pin dot matrix Epson printer and the drive above. The monitor was green screen. My dad paid over $1,500 for the setup! That was in Junior High around 1982 or there abouts. Loved my Apple IIe. One of my favorite games was Taipan! Anyone remember that? I found it on google on a few different web sites and it plays almost the same but it was more fun on the Apple IIe.


My elementary school forced us to use apple computers. My 6th grade teacher in particular wouldn’t accept anything unless it was done in apple format. Problem was, I had already learned how to use windows on my PC at home, and my dad didn’t understand apple, so I asked the teacher to explain where everything was on the school computer and he didn’t know, so he told me to figure it out. I did, but the experience left me feeling that apple was overly complicated. I think it was probably a mistake for apple to donate all those computers without training the teachers, but as an adult I have had to learn or relearn technology so often that I recognize it was an important lesson that just because 2 companies do the same thing doesn’t mean they’re the same. I will have to remind myself of that when I switch from medtronic to tandem in April lol.


Most of all, I liked hearing about @Terry4’s survival kit. You mean business, terry. It made me laugh, but I’d be the same way if I lived in CA. How many days do you think you could survive in an elevator if it broke down? I’m sure you have water. That’s key in an earthquake, I’ve heard.


Anybody know what the memory is in a Dexcom? I couldn’t find that info anywhere.


I pulled the trigger after speaking with my doctor and Tandem. Must have been a world record for how quickly the insurance approval came through. Totally makes up for the 2.5 months of agitation to get the Dexcom G6 earlier this year. Tandem called me Saturday to let me know they were shipping the pump and 90 days supply on Monday.


The G5 has up to 3 hours of missed glucose readings (memory) that will be back-filled to your smart device (Zero backfill when using Dexcom receiver)

Comparing CGM & Flash


Sorry, I meant at the hardware level - like, 8 GB?


Should be simple enough to calculate.

Use a packet analysis tool to determine Dexcom packet size every five minutes. Multiply by 36 (3 hrs, data sent every 5 minutes) and voila. memory required for 3 hrs of data.


Ah, shucks. I’m so lazy…


Wow, that is incredible a doctor would suggest your T1D diagnosis is wrong and recommend you suspend your insulin! Dangerous, dangerous! That would definitely cause a “scar” for any diabetic trying to get help. Thank goodness you found a doctor of like mind and are doing fabulous now, a1c-wise.:slight_smile:


Tandem sent me a notice that the pump shipped and the trainer reached out to set up an appointment after the New Year :slight_smile:


If it were me, I’d read the manual twice and start it myself. But that’s me. oh yeah, and my wife does the same. :slight_smile:


I have a complicated history with the medical profession, as I’m sure most diabetics do, unless I’ve just had super weird experiences. I choose to be more amused than traumatized at this point, but I’m nervous around new doctors because you never know who you’re going to have to fight. I had a fantastic pediatric endocrinologist who taught me a lot and was always sympathetic, but the adult endocrinologist at the same kaiser was useless. During and after college, I lived all over the place, and saw 100s of doctors in 4 different countries just to refill prescriptions and it’s about 50/50 in my experience whether you get a doctor who actually listens or one who just wants to dole out advice without knowing the circumstances. I can normally tell within 1 meeting now if it’s worth continuing to see that doctor or not. I’ve also worked enough to know that some people just don’t care, no matter what profession you’re in, or where you live, and some people care a lot. I do feel sympathy with the 18 year olds having to navigate this because it’s not easy at 18 to tell a doctor, “you’re wrong.”

… or maybe I just have a problem with authority lol


@Dave44 I downloaded the manual and have read about half of it so far. The timing for the training in January works out well since I’ll have used up most of my long acting insulin supply so it won’t go to waste.

@BeckyZ I think many of us have complicated histories with the medical profession. I am so fortunate to have the PCP I do, she’s so amazing and I found her when I went to do a pre-employment screening which was thankfully just height/weight/BP check. She was so kind though and once I got my insurance from that job I made an appointment for her. She said she was up for the challenge and I am the healthiest I’ve been in years. I told her if she ever leaves this area that I am following her wherever she goes.


Yep, I concur, probably most diabetics have a “complicated” history with the medical profession. Yes, I think you are right, it is more difficult for a young person to tell their doctor that he/she is wrong! It is even difficult for us not so young people! lol


I am meeting with the Tandem trainer tomorrow!

I also had my quarterly check up and labs this past week after using the G6 CGM for 90+ days. My A1C was 5.7! It was 5.9 in October and 8.0 in August.


Got all set up yesterday with the Tandem t:slim X2 pump. Straight to insulin to, no dummy week on saline.

Almost 24 hours in on the pump and I’m a fan. The post meal spikes have lessened, the bolus dosing is a snap, and this morning I woke up at 90 without going low over night. More of this please!


Glad u like it. It will likely be my next pump. Just waiting for Medicare to cover Control IQ, waiting for Medicare to switch me to the G6 so that I could use an X2 as a receiver as well as adjust basals. Tandem rep says not much point in me jumping the gun until those 2 items are happening. Tandem claims if I get the pump before Medicare covers Control IQ there is a possibility they may not allow an upgrade of the s/w on a pump that has just Basal IQ. Sounds nutty, but that’s what they have warned me about.


Yeah, the trainer mentioned that Control IQ was going to roll out later this year which will be interesting. The Basal IQ function is great, especially at night.

So far my only issue has been with one Dexcom G6 sensor becoming buggy in the last 12 hours of its 10 day stint and naturally the new sensor wasn’t behaving right out of the gate either but it’s all good now. I think next Dexcom sensor swap day I will do it in the morning instead of the evening so I don’t lose sleep :slight_smile:

I’ve already updated my basal rates and gave myself 3 different day parts. Probably a little more fine tuning needed in that regard but I’m 85% the way there. On the plus side I’ve gone from 76 units of Toujeo + 60-75 units Humalog down to 72 units Humalog yesterday eating as I normally do.


I try to do my G5 sensor replacements in the morning as the first 12 hours can be flaky.