To pump or not to pump

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Our little boy, C, was diagnosed just one week before his second birthday with T1. To say I was totally numb from shock would be a total under statement. That was Nov of 2012. Last summer we decided it was time to introduce him to the pump. At the time, we had our family home up for sale, with intentions on building a new house. The house sold, we began the building process, packing began, and the list goes on..decided to buy instead of building after all, and all the while attending classes to learn about carb counting etc. To say I felt totally overwhelmed would be putting it mildly. I felt so much pressure, and I felt as though I couldn't put my full attention to learning the pump, so I decided it was best for all of us to put the pump on hold. So, now, I am starting to get back on the wagon of wanting to get C on a pump. I have already done my research and we've decided to go with the Medtronics. But I am in no hurry, as long as he can get started on the pump within the next year and that we are comfortable when he begins kindergarten which isn't until NEXT september But my question is, how hard is the transition to a pump? I did learn that the pump is more work, with regards to doing the math for the carbs, etc...but does it get easier? How long does it take to become familiar and comfortable, and in your experiences, did you ever regret putting your child on a pump as opposed to daily injections...Thank you so much for your input :)

Transitioning from a pump is not easy, but definitely doable. the biggest transition for your boy will be to have the pump with him 24/7, always attached to it, but also fewer injections.
For you, especially at the beginning there will be a lot of fine-tuning, basal testing, and so on. also, with a pump the risk of DKA is much bigger, so maybe a few more tests to think about. but i think, after 6 months or so, you should be so much used to it that it actually becomes less work than MDI. i can also recommend you reading through various groups like:
maybe they can help you out further
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Thank you!! I'll have a look at those.