Today's doctor appointment

I had a great visit with my endo today. Except for the fact that nobody knows how to drive in the rain and I was a little bit late, it would have been perfect. Since my visit in March I have lost 4.5 pounds and my A1C has gone from 5.8 to 5.7. OK, I know that is not a big drop, but it sure beats any kind of increase. I started with an Omnipod system a little more than a week ago and so far that is working just as I anticipated it would. I did start with apidra in it but found that it is just too heat sensitive to use especially in the summer. So my endo was kind enough to give me 2 vials of novolog which I am sure were a salesman's sample but heck free insulin is free insulin and I will reserve the vials of apidra I have for the fall and winter.
I have never used novolog before but she told me it takes a bit longer than apidra to work and lasts longer than apidra does so I will just have to adjust a few things on the pod pdm. The nice thing is I have the confidence to make changes and once again the breadth of experience and knowledge here makes it so much easier for me. I really appreciate the community and the willingness to share. So thanks TuD. I don't have another appointment with the endo for 6 months as she and I both agreed that would be soon enough. Yay !!!

fantastic, clare! you get a huge GOLD STAR! :) so, they're just letting you do all the POD basal/bolus adjustments by yourself or are you still seeing a CDE/pump nurse? have you added different basal rates? have you learned any of the extended bolus features, tried working out's your back? i'm still 'lost' with all this, took it off on friday, restarted back on Sunday, saw my endo today. see pump nurse on thursday. feel like i'm never gonna get on track..ugh! sounds like you're doing great!

They're just letting me do my own thing. The CDE and pump trainer are just an email away so if I need help I just have to write or call. The apidra which I put in on Saturday afternoon was starting to tail off in it's action last night so I had to use the temporary basal feature and went all night using 40% more. I swapped the pod out this morning. Blood sugar is now 96 so all is good with the pod world. I'm playing golf at one of my favorite courses today so I am excited about that. My back while not perfect is good enough to get out and play.
I have an appointment with my CDE in three months more to stay on track and see if there is anything new and exciting in the D world. Mind you I usually provide her with the new and exciting stuff but sometimes she surprises me.
I hope you can get on track with this Sarah good luck with your pump nurse.

how are you doing, Clare? Are you liking the PODS?

Hi Sarah - I am loving the pods. Got the basal down pretty well, now have to do some work on the I:C ratio for lunch and dinner, breakfast is ok. My blood sugars have been decent enough and they don't seem to go rapidly in either direction any more which was a problem in the past. So that makes me very happy.
Have you gone back to podding ? Or another pump ? Or MDI ?

i'm having a heck of a time, clare. i just posted. i'm getting very nervous, i'm back on MDI's until probably tomorrow but i can't get my BG's down at all. Not sure what to do, i keep giving injections and nothing. I'm still somewhat new to this and my BG's haven't been this high since my Dx really.

did you open new insulin ? don't stack the insulin, that can be a big problem. Just chill and let it work. Don't stress or it will just keep rising.

But I did that the other day too. The pump was cranking and I was shooting up and eventually it came down, but it took more than 3 hours before it was in the right place

it's been like this since 6am this morning. i'm trying not to stack. yeah..changed out both levemir and novolog. trying to just get through today and start back on pod tomorrow. so glad it's working for you and you like it, gives me encouragement, i had to go down to .30 basal rate then that didn't work. I'm confused...ugh! So sick of this stuff sometimes, ya know. So hungry too. did you switch to novolog?