Too Conservative

I started a new job and my blood glucose is showing it. Five days ago I changed my active insulin time to be shorter by 30 minutes and changed my carb ratios from 1:11 to 1:9.

My blood sugar is now worse and my total insulin consumption is lower. It’s at this point that I’m ready to throw this 670G out the window. It shouldn’t be doing this. The algorithm absolutely sucks.

It appears to not take your CGM levels into account and instead prioritizes the total insulin average over blood sugar history.

I can use it sometimes…but not when there is any additional stress at all. Like not even traffic at carpool time.

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I just uploaded to tidepool. Sure enough, it’s giving me about 4 less units per day…but my blood glucose level is still 68-80% in range. But my average glucose level is 160. Blech. That’s a lot of work to have the average be 160.

I don’t know what else to do. But I’m seeing a new endocrinologist on 9/9 so hopefully the new healthcare team will have more insight!

How about not using Auto Mode?? I have a new 670 and it works FINE with the bolus wizard. No way would I use auto mode, OR their sensors.

Agreed, 160 is too high. I get pissed if the average is over ~120

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Your levels are all in perspective to what you are used to having. But I would pissed at over 130 and not sure I would get pissed at over 120 because not that long ago I think it was 122ish because of my DP. My DP has been a lot nicer and my latest averages have been 112-115. Crossing my fingers it is permanently going to behave itself and not just taking a vacay.

Dave, can you tell me if the low threshold suspend works without automode? I’d love to still have that feature like with we had with the 530. I like automode because it eliminates night time lows for me. Those are hard because I don’t wake up to the alarms, and it really doesn’t phase my hubs sleep anymore either. :flushed:

My goal is an average of 130 or lower. And 85% in range. Without super low carbing. IDK, thinking fisap or symlin or both to help? I’m going to ask a lot of questions at my next endo appt!

Dunno. I don’t use MM sensors! I’m a G5 kinda guy. :slight_smile:

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That’s one good feature of the Dexcom receiver-the alarms are far, far louder.

As far as I know the low suspend works in manual mode as long as you are using the Medtronic sensors. I don’t know whether or not you need to turn it on in your settings but you could just go out of automode and look for it.

Low suspend does work in manual mode, but you have to enable it after exiting AutoMode.

goto: Options, SmartGuard, Low Setup
Click: Edit
Click: “Start/End Lo” field. Edit the time and Low value if necessary (mine are set 00:00 - 24:00 80)
After the “Start/End Lo” edit fields, you’ll get to the Alerts and Suspend functions.
From there you can enable Suspend before Low or Suspend on Low


You should ask about Jardiance. Get some samples and take it for a week. A once a day pill in the morning. You won’t believe how well it works. Search this forum and read all about it.

Xdrip if used on phone has loud and annoying chime.

I know. I use xdrip. It’s adjustable.