Too early for Neuropathy?

Hi all,
I've been recently diagnosed with LADA (under a year, but I've probably had it close to 3 years now). Since the beginning I've had painful sensations in my feet or toes that feels exactly like I'm stepping on a thick pin and lasts for several seconds (although it feels like longer) before it goes away. It comes and goes and seems to get worse when my bs is high. They are so excruciating! Someone mentioned that it's too early for me to experience this. My weight is normal. I exercise regularly. But neuropathy is the only thing I can think of!!!

Talk to your doctor MKSSS, but I don't think there IS such a thing as "too early" here, as it does not have to be an issue of many years before complications appear. As well, you do say that you have had diabetes prior to being diagnosed. I sounds like neuropathy to me...but I'm not a medical professional.

While neuropathy usually happens after years of high blood sugars it can happen to those of us who have not had diabetes that long as well. I have it and it is aggravated whenever I eat corn or corn byproducts.
For me avoiding corn helps a lot, but I am also on Gabapentin and Nortriptyline and Vicodin for break through pain. I hate neuropathy with a passion. The thing is to ask for a referral to a neurologist to get correctly diagnosed. By the way, I also take Metanx and Benfotiamine. I tried ALA and R-ALA but had a bad reaction to them so stopped.
Getting a correct diagnosis is the first step.

Not long after I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (my A1c was 11), and I got my blood sugar down, I experienced a lot of pain in the calves of my legs and feet. I was shortly thereafter, diagnosed with neuropathy. I was put on neurontin (sp). Got on the Internet and did a lot of research. Didn't like the side effects of that drug, and I didn't like the side effects of the diabetic pill I was taking. Read that exercise could help curb the pain from neuropathy and it could manage my diabetes. So. I started walking two miles after every meal or riding a bike that far. On bad weather days, I rode a stationary bike for about 8 min. It really helped. I have not had pain in my legs since and for 8 years, I kept by A1c 6 or below. I now take insulin. No side effects. Am 77 years old now and walk with great difficulty. Tricky hip; tricky knee; bulging discs; slipped vertebrae; arthritis; and my feet feel like the soles are made of cardboard. I get along. I know who I am when I wake up in the morning. LOL Good luck. Be careful with those carbs and exercise!