Too good not to share

I gotta share this one. It broke me up. Maybe you’ll laugh too.

At my regular checkup with my PCP he made an offhand remark about how diabetes affects everything else we have wrong. I said “Yeah, if I get hit by a truck it’ll be the only cause of death I could have that wasn’t a side effect of diabetes.” He said, “Unless the truck driver is diabetic.”


I like it!

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Ha! Smart doc!


Tom_in-SC, you made me laugh. Myu pwn PCP/endo also has a great sense of humor. I had an appointment with him once a few days after I’d had one of those days where I kept bouncing from low to high and back again…with no cause that I could figure. When I told him about it, his response was, “Diabetes is a really weird disease, so I guess that means that a weird day is pretty normal.” Cracked me up.

One of my prime criteria for everyone I deal with, be it friends, bosses, doctors, etc., is that they absolutely MUST have a sense of humor! I believe that is the only thing that has kept me alive this long after having had one medical crisis after another for the past 40+ years.




I apologize for the rant. I’ve taken the post down

I was in a bad mood and vented in the wrong place. I’d just come frm a doctor who diagnosed me after expensive tests as having something that I told them I had months ago, but they couldn’t explain what caused it, why it was progressing quickly or anything that could be done about it beyond it “being from diabetes”.

(update - it wasn’t from diabetes and I diagnosed and treated it myself. Vitamin B deficiencies )


Pstud, thank you for explaining yourself. I’ve taken down my response as well. I apologize also. I think we can both just delete all parts of this thread once we’ve both read each others msgs.



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There’s also the “issue” of our having T1D is an “easy out” for health care providers. I dislocated a shoulder taking down a burglary suspect (I was at home, knew the police wre looking for him, saw him hiding, called dispatch to describe him and location, saw the bag of loot). He started to leave, so I went outside, he ran towards me and I became a “human missile” and down he went. That’s the background. One of the officers who I often worked with knew I have T1D and rode in the Ambo with me. Appropriately, he told the ER that I had T1D. They did a fingerstick - of course the bg was elevated - and spent their time telling (lecturing actually) about my T1D management. My officer partner said “Uh, no. she took down a guy with about 100lbs on hwer. Her shoulder injry is not due to her T1D and mis-mgt thereof” Jeez!


When I broke my leg XC skiing two yrs ago, all the Ortho was worried about was my diabetes. I said “you worry about the leg, I’ll worry about the blood sugar”.

With an A1C of 6.1% (rarely seen in these parts) he was comforted.

But still when this (admittedly spectacular) fracture was described at rounds, the diabetes and concerns for non-union, etc. were the focus of discussion, and not the fact that it all screwed and plated together nicely and healed “anatomically” and I’m now skiing again, about to do the 20 k race on Saturday!!


Tom, Yes! A doc that gets it!

Tom in S.C. Guess what. Your post is not Down., I’m . Glad. It made me laugh.