Too well controlled to get the insulin you request

4.8, Marilyn? HOLY COW!

I usually run 5.1 or 5.2, so this could be a mistake.

Its only .3 off. I bet that’s legit. 5.2 is amazing as well. :purple_heart:

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I hope that you can get some Timothy.

OMG. You get a free chocolate bar you get after visiting the Hershey factory. It only makes sense that you should get a free vial of insulin after visiting the Lilly factory :slight_smile:


I’ll be doing work for them too, so I deserve a few bottles , I think. But I’m not too sure they will have the bottles laying around. I assume they are somewhat controlled.

Years ago I used to have places give me all kinds of meds for nothing. Things taht are crazy to imagine now, like Vicodin and Tylenol with codine.

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I used doc-provided samples of Lyumjev for four months while we (doc & I both) tried to get Medicare to cover it under part B for my pump. I finally gave up after determining that I get fairly strong site pain after two days on A cartridge of Lyumjev. I was also finding that it lost a lot of its effectiveness after day 2, indicating to me that I was getting inflammation & edema at the cannula site. The first two days were great, though. But I’ve decided Lyumjev isn’t for me, even though I still have about 8 vials of the samples left.

I’m now giving Humalog a try, keeping my stash of Fiasp in the fridge until I see how Humalog works.

Wow, that doesn’t sound too good Rob5. I was wondering about irritation with this insulin.

This sounds like a bad joke but it really, really happened.

My endo thought I should be taking Victoza, but he said that his request was going to be rejected by THE COMMITTEE because my numbers were just a tiny bit too good. A few a few days later, I was shooting the bull with my GP and suggested jokingly that if it got rejected that I eat a lot of cakes for a few weeks and then he could reapply.

Well, the request got rejected, and next time I saw my endo he suggested in veiled language that I should do just that.

The Female started buying the cakes. One the kids saw them and The Female said casually, “Oh, those are for Dad.” There was dead silence in the room. Noone asked again.

Well, to make a long story a little shorter, my next numbers were worse, the endo reapplied, I got approved for Victoza, and when the endo later decided to switch me to Ozempic THE COMMITTEE approved it without a peep. I’m still on Ozempic (above the dosage which the rules here allow, but that’s another story. I think my endo’s a born con-man.)

Just an idea, and a true story. Make of it what you will.

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THE COMMITTEE has to approve what your doctor thinks is best?

That’s the new reality unfortunately. There was a time when I couldn’t get my entire prescription because they only allowed insulin by how much my daily use was.
At that time I was on 2 insulin’s mdi using 18 per day, so I would say I take 100 per day just to get my damn insulin.
They stopped doing that but they would regularly over ride my doctors script.

Who is they?

Well I’m insured by Kaiser, so the they was the pharmacy, but they got their direction from the board which is essentially the insurance company.

@Marilyn6 For certain expensive medications, yes.

I agree. I think they’re just in the process of updating the formularies to include Lyumjev.

I really like using Lyumjev. I am on MDI and have not had any injection site irritation. It works much faster than Humalog and works more consistently than Afrezza. I still use Afrezza, but mostly for corrections.

I want to try using Lyumjev in a tandem pump with control iq in the near future. I plan to ask my doctor about it at my next appointment.

Hopefully you can get some samples now and your formulary will be updated in the near future.

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It used to be my doctor could write a number of vials on the prescription and that’s what I’d get. Then “they” (state? insurance? aliens?) said the doctor had to write the quantity & # of times per day. For something like a blood pressure pill that might work but not for insulin and especially not for fast acting insulin. So the NP just randomly wrote “60 units 3x daily in insulin pump” and I ended up getting 3 vials per month. The math doesn’t work but 3 vials was plenty. One time maybe my PCP wrote for less than I actually used. Doing the math for what she wrote came out to like 1.2 vials a month. The pharmacy said they could only give me 1 because they can’t dispense partial vials and can’t give me more for what was written. Since I always try to have backup supplies I didn’t fill it and got a new prescription.

I haven’t even looked into it because I’m not sure if it’s approved for use in a pump. And because HUmalog works fine most of the time I don’t want to experiment right now.

Do you experience any post-meal highs from Lyumjev since it’s out of your system faster?

I was primarily using Afrezza before which is out of my system faster than Lyumjev. I would use Humalog when I had pizza or something like that, but that is not typical for me.

I don’t really mind following up with another injection if I start trending upward 1-2 hours after eating.

I mostly want to switch to a pump to reduce nighttime alarms and so that I can change my basal while hiking/backpacking more easily. My basal levels change throughout the month due to hormones ±20-30% which I can adjust for during the day but end up relying on alarms during the night. The alarms have gotten old…

I don’t think it is yet, but I’ve heard of people using it that way. I would be using it off label.

I don’t know how I would have managed from summer 2019 through the end of last year without a pump. I am 53 and my hormones have been going crazy. For 14 months my insulin needs were very elevated and it wasn’t just due to being home due to COVID last year as it started many months prior to that. I went through long stretches of needing 150-200% basal increase. Things started returning to normal at the end of 2020.

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Just picked up 3 months worth of Lyumjev!
It took 2 letters from my GP, but I did get it.
I pay $25.00 for 3 months of Novolog and just paid $147.00 for 3 months of Lyumjev, so I doubt that I will substitute it for Novolog. I hope that it works better for me than Fiasp did.

I am excited to try it.