United Health Care Insulin Question

My company just announced we’re switching to United Healthcare. I don’t have a member ID yet but have tried to look at their formularies.

It seems like they don’t cover Tresiba or Fiasp does that sound right?

It seems like I’ll have to get them without insurance or switch to Humalog?

If anyone else can share if they are able to get these insulins on this insurance I’d appreciate it.

I’m sure lots of people go through this but that doesn’t change my feeling that if true it sucks. Humalog has no equalvant to either insulin.

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I don’t know if it’s the same for every UHP plan but mine prefers Humalog and Lyumjev for fast acting. I’m on a pump so I haven’t looked too much into long acting but I think they prefer Lantus, which is horrible. I’ve used HUmalog since it first came out, both on MDI and then in a pump, so that’s not a problem for me but I know it’s not the ideal insulin for everyone.

I just checked my formulary. They also cover Toujeo. You might be able to get Tresiba & Fiasp with prior authorization (your doctor will have to say why Humalog & Toujeo won’t work for you, for example) but it would be at the highest co-pay.

They might list Humalog as ‘Lisipro.’

Looking at using Canada online ordering, I have to pay out of pocket but based on how much I use it won’t be too bad at Canada prices


I had an issue with my insurance. I was trying to get a 1/2 unit insulin pen for backup. As far as I know, the ONLY 1/2 unit pen is the Humalog KwikPen Junior.
(Their regular non-junior KwikPen is full units).

But idiotic insurance thinks a full unit pen is the same as a 1/2 unit pen. :roll_eyes:

So much hassle, I just ended up buying the pens from Canada. Super cheap and easy.

Google “Mark’s Marine Pharmacy”. They are a Canadian pharmacy that ships to the US. They are great.


Every plan can be different. I would contact your personnel office.

Also realize that even if it’s not on formulary, your doctor can request it if he or she thinks the replacement isn’t going to work as well

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Not sure about fiasp but my UHC insurance covers Tresiba. I prefer Lyumjev but use an InPen and they only provide humalog cartridges.