Toprol Blood Pressure Medication

I was informed this month by a new Endocronologist that Toprol blocks the nerves that detect low blood sugar reactions. My wife works in a pharmacy and sees many diabetics on this medication. Seems strange that we shuold take a medicine that could lead to killing us or others.

i think you must have misheard your endocrinologist, it is a BETA blocker not a nerve blocker. read this: and there is nothing about it blocking the nerves that detect low blood sugar reactions. many diabetics may be on this medication, as i am, (i am on another beta blocker, not this one) as i have a heart murmur and other heart complications.

Hi Steve,
I agree wholeheartedly with Landileigh. BETA blockers are extremely powerful, vitally important medications that those of us who use them absolutely must have. And they have nothing to do with blocking nerves that detect low blood sugars. Toprol is only one of the brand names from this whole family of drugs.