Totally open ended question

Getting the timing match correct between insulin and food is a big deal. It’s just as influential on blood glucose levels as the actual dose. By the way, for me, toasted bread has the same glycemic effect as an equivalent amount of table sugar.

The whole system seems to have shifted back more towards where it was before. A few weeks of careful adjustments, only to return to where I was originally. This is how I feel when I look at the data, LOL.

I highly recommend reading a book on pumping insulin. One of the things they will have you do to verify basal rates is to skip a meal. For example if you wake up with a normal BG value, skip breakfast and see where you are at lunch. Likewise, on a different day if your BG is normal at lunch, skip lunch. Do the same for dinner. This will help you to get basal established. Adjust basal as needed. Once basal is correct, then you can see what happens with meals, bolus, and carb ratio and adjust as needed.

I believe my basals are too variable day to day. I haven’t changed them, even though I’ve had some bad lows because all things equal, sometimes I run down to 30, and sometimes I run up to 250. If it shifts either direction, I’m in trouble. I think this is just my crappy medium…at least until it stabilizes one way or the other.