Travel through 6 time zones

Traveling next week through six time zones. Need suggestions on
changing the time on my Dexcom. Should I change it gradually, change it
when I reach my destination, leave it (which I don’t think is right) I
guess between the first two. Just remembered, need to change my
glucometer too! Been awhile since I’ve traveled with such a large time
change, can’t remember what I’ve done in the past.

I know this may be politically "incorrect’…as you pointed out, but I have travelled worldwide *(furthest is Singapore) and I never changed a thing! I just figured I would adjust, and my equipment would have to adjust with me!

My suggestions are:

  1. Have a GREAT time in your travels.
  2. Change to your destination time zone as soon as "We have reached an altitude where approved electronic devices can now be used with the exception of…"
    Travel safely!

Ever since I use the Dexcom, I’ve been using the receiver as my watch, so I like to keep it on the local time.

Did not do any specific study on what happens to the data captured during a time change when the data is downloaded to the PC. What happens when one goes back in time when travelling east to west?

Ciao, Luca

I would change times as soon as in the air like Scott said. If you use a pump, with variable basal rates, then you would need to take more care to transition as your body transitions and probably talk to your endo.

Maybe when you go back in time you’re no longer a Diabetic!!! :slight_smile:

As long as you are travelling West and travelling faster than the speed of light! I think it WILL cure you! That and beet juice. (see another thread on “stupid things you’ve beeen told about D” on TU…concerning beet juice.)

I left my Dexcom as is but, when I travel more than 2 time zones I try to plan a pod change when I get there as best as I could. I just went to Italy (6 hour difference). When I first got there I would use the temp basal setting to mimic my basal rates. It worked fine for me. Same on my return.

I haven’t travelled yet with Dex but I do change my pump to my destination time zone. I usually do it on arrival. I don’t bother gradually shifting my basal rates as I’m usually immediately following the local destination sleep/wake times which has the biggest impact on my basal rates. During the day my needs are more influenced by activity rather than time of day so temp basal is king while on vacation/business trips.

On the Minimed downloads there was a little blip in the data when I changed times.