Traveling for the first time

My daughter is 3 and we are traveling (by plane) for the first time since she was diagnosed this July. Any tips or suggestions?

Andrea- good for you for ttraveling… all you need is extra precautions. We went out of the country one day after being discharged from the hospital with our son Logan’s DX at age 4… and I’m sure more seasoned people have better or more advice than me, but here is what worked for us.
have extra’s of everything, pack things seperately in case one piece of baggage gets lost.
Keep extra water, and snacks on hand at all times!!
Bring a carb counting book for eating out.
Remember to check frequently as more (or less) activity and stress can affect blood sugar levels.
Have FUN!! Plan on extra ice cream (and extra bolusing) and just try to make it as fun and memorable as you can!


Thanks for the advice Jen, I appreciate it!

Hello Andrea ,don’t know if you already went on trip or not but you should ask your endo or nurse for a letter for travelling out of the country. It must state that your child’s levels have been under control for,I believe, 3 months for insurance reasons. If they are not under control and something happens they may have the right to not cover her expenses if hospitalized. This is what we were told here in Canada. The letter also should state the supplies that she uses, seringes for example, on a plane are not allowed with these new regulations. Having this information is pertinent therefore allowing you on plane with her supplies.You should also have copies of her prescriptions on hand because if you lose or damage her supplies you will need to replace it with EXACTLY the same thing. Other countries do not use exactly the same products as everyone else. Canada and U.S. don’t use same measurements for insulin or blood/glucose test.Extra supplies, extra supplies like Jen, our friend, said is the key.Make sure you keep insulin cool or else it will “go bad”. Enjoy your trip if not already enjoyed and I am here if you need more info.

Andrea -
Refer to this weblink on for comprehensive info on traveling with diabetes. Have fun!