Tremor in thumb – diabetes connection?

Hello Everybody,

I have developed a weird new symptom which I would like to know if it could be connected to my diabetes. I have noticed in the last few days that the thumb of my left hand ( I am left-handed btw) starts shaking uncontrollably when its held in certain positions. When I consciously relax the hand the thumb calms down but as soon as I try to move or lift it the slightest bit, the tremor reappears. The shaking is quite severe. Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated.

i dont know but my hand did that for a whole day lst week sometime. i imagine it is D related....

Since you are left handed and it only happens in your left hand, has there been any repetitive activities with your left hand, unusual or otherwise, that you might be doing? Maybe even putting unusual pressure on your thumb for extended periods of time? Either of thise can lead to shaking and tremors, especially with motor nerves.

My first thought is always that any symptom I might have is diabetes related, then I think through everything I'm doing and I realize that maybe, wearing those tight shoes or sleeping on my arm might have been the problem.

Is the shaking associated with muscle weakness in your hand?

Do not waste your breath on things that might come labeled as complications. First and foremost complications are the result of uncontrolled diabetes. Do you have that? No, you care and stay ahead of things proactively. It will work out, you will see. Look at Richard with his 67 years of experience with T1 diabetes. The only complication he has is mild nerve damage!

Also, remember that usually neurapathy is bilateral. If it’s just one hand, it is more likely a result of overuse, a pinched nerve, carpal tunnel, etc. On the other hand, people with diabetes tend to get carpal tunnel, etc. more than other folks.

If it continues, see your doc.