Tresiba dosage is tricky

I am adjusting my basal after discovering during a basal rate test that 15 units daily aren’t enough anymore. Slowly fading honeymoon I suppose.

But I now increased to 16 units, and the BG is considerably more stable. It seems to me that 17 units would be significantly over what’s needed.

This surprised me a bit. Then I remember reading from others that Tresiba apparently has to be dosed precisely and allows for much smaller margin of error compared to Lantus for example. Is this your experience as well? Can one single unit of Tresiba make a significant difference for you?

Yes, my experience with Tresiba was like that when I started. It seemed to take 3-4 days at each dose to really decide if it was right or not. I have recently also fiddled with my Tresiba basal dose by taking basal twice daily at 1/2 daily dose. All I can say is it takes a while to dial in Tresiba, and it might change with time/holidays/activity level, etc.

Yep I often feel as if a half unit extra would be just right whereas a full unit is too much. Since my hormones require me to jiggle my dose around several times a month this can be pretty tricky but so much better than Lantus was IMO.

I take Tresiba doses at similar amounts to you, and I find one unit makes a big difference. Sometimes I think half-unit increments are needed—lately I think 16.5 is what I need. I agree that this is finickier than Lantus. Some people (usually those with insulin resistance) take very large doses of Tresiba though, and they apparently use the pens with two unit increments just fine.