Tricks of the Trade

Over the last twenty-one years with type 1 diabetes, I've picked up a few tricks of the trade. One thing I learned over my last four years with an insulin pump is how to nick some insulin from my reservoir, if I'm in a pinch. Here is one photo from the set I posted on SUM:

What tricks of the trade have you seen in your diabetes travels?

I see you’re getting ready to go on a cgm. I just started two weeks ago, and I am glad the nurse showed me how to “trick” the transmitter into thinking I started a new sensor. I got 12 days out of my first 7 day sensor in doing so!

Toni - I’ve used a Dexcom in the past and did the same “sensor trick.” As far as I’m concerned, if the site doesn’t ache, I’m leaving it in. :wink:

I still have the Dex, but I’m giving the Minimed CGM a go this round. I’m excited to have another glimpse into my real-time numbers.