Trigger Finger and High Blood Sugar Related?

I read in a post tonight about trigger finger. I just realized that the trigger finger I had in the past year of my middler finger locking up when I woke from sleeping and sometimes in the daytime has not happen the past months! Wow! I forgot about it. I think my high blood sugars must have been causing the trigger finger as now that my blood sugar is down to 8.2 A1C it is not happening.

Has anyone else had this trigger finger and had it go away with better glucose control?

A note on trigger finger. I have had it, however, I do not thnk it is necessarily a result of high blood sugar. Just my opinion.

Or, maybe so?

Lots of other reasons to get trigger finger beyond diabetes. It would often be hard to say what causes it in a specific case.

Trigger finger is often a complication of diabetes. While any particular case might not be caused by diabetes the prevalence is ten times higher in those with diabetes.

I had trigger finger in the late '90s and had the operation (middle and ring finger on both hands) in 1998. Haven’t had any problems once I healed up.

I developed Type 1 ten years later. I’m pretty sure, at least for me, they weren’t related.

My A1C’ haven’t been above 7 since the 1990’, that’s when my dr started doing them every 3 months. They’ve haven’t been above 6.4 in over 4 years and I still have trigger finger. So with me where my blood sugars are have nothing to do with my trigger finger.

The answer is, maybe. Trigger finger occurs in people without diabetes, so diabetes isn’t the only possible cause. But the incidence is much higher in people with diabetes, so it’s one of them.

46 years with type 1 and had my both hand done for carpel tunnel (was told higher rate with diabetes), it followed with six or seven trigger finger releases over the years ( was told higher rate with diabetes), and have adhesive capsulitis issues in both hips ( was told higher rate with diabetes). My line now back to all doctors is " what isn’t more common in diabetes?" Drives me crazy.
So while I say I have no complications, I guess my connective tissue problems is probably related to my diabetes as I have a lot of them. And while the carpel tunnel once done is done, trigger finger can keep happening. I have had one finger done twice which makes it a little harder on the recovery side due to scar tissue.
None of the doctors were said it was due to high blood sugar just that it was more common in diabetes. So who knows, but it’s just another thing to add to the pile of more common in diabetes.

I am wondering Yoga62" if your trigger finger is still gone. Mine just recently started locked and I have gone off sugar starting today, plus doing some of the online exercises. I want so bad to go the natural route. I hope I can heal this.

tehre is one natural remedy that works every time.

Here is how you do it.

  1. spread your hand on a flat dry sturdy surface
  2. get a hammer, a small one will work, but a large one will work better
  3. Put the hammer in the opposite hand
  4. This one is important.

Slam the hammer on the trigger finger. It should only take one but if you feel you sort of chickened out, do it up to 10 times.

  1. Go to the ER, and get it fixed.

Perfectly natural, it hearkens back at least 2,000 years.

I suggest you only try this on Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday - Sunday can result in delays.

just saying.