Trivia Question

This takes place on another board I visit.

More than half of all women and at least 10% of guys keep this hidden.

What is it?

Their hair color

there alcohol use!

Their age.

I agree with Terry, thier age. (though, I’ve no problem with telling mine!)


Oh! I didn’t think about that one!!

I ain’t tellin!!! giggles

I never tell my actual weight!!! Poeple beleive what we tell them!!!

credit card statements


Cody got it right off the bat, hair color. :slight_smile:

ohhhhhhh! hmmmmm. wow.

Well, I’ve definitely been asked that one a LOT!! But I honestly don’t know what “color” it is! I say golden blonde, when people ask, and, that I guess they need to ask God about that one, since He’s the one who gave it to me! – I’ve NEVER died my hair. Not even highlights! Frankly, that whole dying deal scares me!! But, luckily, I actually like my natural color! :0)

OK Karen…keep it going…ask another! and Melissa, I love your hair color too!