Troubleshooting a failure

If I try and visualize this failure, and figure out if it could have been avoided, I find myself getting confused, so I’m going to try and draw a picture of it.

Some of these failures are unavoidable, despite anybody’s best effort.
But ‘Big trouble’ is the result of so many simultaneous (and lengthy) failures, that there must be some intervention possible.


#1.) Perhaps the longer I run the pump with no sensor, the more risk I am placing myself in. Perhaps I revert to manual injection and frequent manual blood sugar checking. Perhaps I need to check 10 times a day as soon as I loose access to my sensor. That would decrease risk of critical failure.

#2.) Perhaps the sheer number of system failures are a problem that needs to be addressed - the pharmacy/insurance/decom failures are really the problem, not that the insulin pump failed one time. The pharmacy failed to sell me sensors for weeks, which ran down my emergency sensor stockpiles. Dexcom sensors failed three times consecutively, which is too many times. I completely lost access to Dexcom sensors.

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My backup plan is to always have syringes, bg meter, bg strips and insulin for 2 months worth.

Lived without pump and cgms for many years, and could do it again if needed.

As for pharma failure, having backup supply helps. Doing restarts helped, but now this is more challenging.
Alternatively, go for a couple days without sensor each month, doing bg check only to get a backup supply.

Another alternative is to get RX for libre receiver and sensors on hand, to fill if no quick access to dexcom refill/replacement.

  1. You can always beg for a Dexcom g6 sensor or 2. I am sure there are a few of us on this forum that can spare 1 or 2 until your supply builds back up.
  2. Dexcom is pretty liberal with replacements if you contact them when you have a sensor failure.
  3. Dexcom G6 sensors are available for sale online for just under $300 delivered for a box of 3. Not cheap, but maybe worth the peace of mind and time saved worrying about frequent finger sticks.

These are some new ideas that I had not considered. Let me think these things through.

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Moeh0001 - some folks are able to restart 2x - so to get 30 days of accurate wear… If your sensor is reading well, maybe try for another restart. And do reach out to this group - we can share some from out stockpile. & don’t forget to let Dexcom know if the sensor does not last the full 10 days.


@mohe0001, are you familiar with the Dexcom online support form used to report problems with sensors or transmitters? It’s very easy to use!