TSA and CGM transmitter

Does anyone have any issue wearing CGM transmitter pass TSA checkpoint while travelling?

Not at all. I just go for the hand pat because of my Ping Pump. Most of the TSA are curious about it. So I plan the time for show and tell. Once they see it and I encourage them to feel the transmitter “bump” all is good.

See some the postings I have shared about the RF chatter between the transmitter and receiver. As always, be ready to share-teach-explain.

I’ve never had a problem. I’ll point out that the “bumps” they’ll feel for the insulin pump and the continuous glucose monitor. I never refer to it as a transmitter b/c I’m afraid that will make things more complicated.

Like everyone else I tell the screeners up front so there’s no reason for them to get confused.

…any idea what to expect during patdowns outside the US, UK for example.

Jesse flies all the time and very rarely sets off the alarms…Last time was a few years ago in Atlanta. he flies in and out of JFK and Buffalo ,NY quite often- no problems…

I’ve never had a problem with it! I’ve had to touch my fingers to the sensor and have my fingers checked for explosive residue at the most. I feel like it has become MUCH easier to travel with diabetic supplies, an insulin pump, and a CGM than ever before. Of course, you can’t bring a liquid low glucose treatment with you (as in a juice box). I pack lots of glucose tablets in a very handy spot.

Also, as long as I remember to take the (metal) clip off of my pump before walking through the metal detector (or whatever it’s called now) I usually only have to do the wand thing - and I haven’t had to even do that in recent months! I’m hoping it’s because the TSA is empowering its crew with more training (which is deserved) creating a better informed and necessarily confident group of individuals whose job it is to protect our security while using air travel.

P.S. Would you believe that the guy next to me in line last time was pulled aside - and finally it was discovered he was carrying a large POCKET KNIFE? Whoa! And he was sooo casual about it. Truly, I want people like that getting the 3rd degree. Crazy! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. Lucky you that the knife guy did not get on board. I will be travelling from LA to Orlando Fl, to London England and the to west Africa and back to LA all is space of 2 wks. Ill document my experience wih my sensors and share same here

Pocket knives are like keys for a lot of people they go into their pockets everyday and don’t even think about them. Most people consider a pocket knife a tool not a weapon.

To bad more people don’t carry them.

I have never had an issue. I called Dexcom the first time that I needed to walk through the machines, just to check. They told me to put the receiver in a bag to go through the x-ray system (animas told me to also do this with the pump, and I reconnect immediately after walking through), and they never noticed the sensor. I didn’t do the pat down though. The machine did not go off while I was wearing the transmitter.

I’ve done this for multiple flights within the US and to Japan!

Good luck!

You make a valid point with your video Seth!
Poor woman!!
As far as my story goes: Does it make it worse if it’s a large utility knife-slash-pocket knife? I’ve had a family member who brought a 3-inch pocket knife w/him in his checked bag. Not a big deal. Even the typical Swiss-army knife would be passable in my book.

Seriously though, Seth, the knife this guy had in his carry-on was a silver-tone utility knife that had a hilt the size of a hunting knife - about 5 inches - with a removable blade bigger than the razor blade size I’m familiar with. I don’t know what happened to the guy, but you’re probably right in that it was an everyday kind of item for him. But for ME, it was nuts (and a little frightening) that he didn’t think it would be an issue to take it on board into the cabin.

You’re in Portland still, right? We need to set up a time to have a meet and greet on a weekend sometime soon! I know I just missed you at the December one downtown w/Judy. I really would love to see Jason C & Virgil too - and meet some other Portland T1s - and T2s. I’ve been so out of the loop lately.

P.S. I’ll be taking the stairs from now on. :slight_smile:

And the Animas on hold message says NEVER let the pump be X-RAyed! I think this just proves there are more and more cases of one rep says YES and the next says NO. We compare notes here at TD and try to make sense of the chaos.

<< Maybe we need Maxwell Smart — GRIN>>