Tslim bolus settings

I’m playing on the tandem Tslim simulator app and I can’t work out where it is to set the bolus amount. Is it in personal profile? I can only see that you can change duration, carb bolus and carbs on but not actually set how many grams one unit of of insulin brings down.

Also on the basal setting, what is the correction factor? There is no such item on the basal setup on the Medtronic.

On the Medtronic pump, there is also the option to set the ISF sensitivity factor but I also can’t find it on the Tslim.

Correction factor and ISF are the same thing. 1:X, X being the change in glucose one unit of insulin will produce.

I can’t quite tell if that is your only question, or if there is another setting you’re looking for. Are you also asking about how to set up the quick-bolus feature by pressing the button? That’s under options>my pump>pump settings>quick bolus

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Thanks @Robyn_H. I think I’m just a bit confused because its not what I’m used to so struggling to ask the right thing :sweat_smile:.

On the medtronic pump, the bolus setting and the basal setting and the ISF setting are three seperate modules, they also have their own individual time window for when each setting kicks in. Looking at the Tslim simulated app, I’m getting the impression they are all coupled together on the same screen.

So you set all on the same screen:

  1. Time window
  2. Basal dosage
  3. Correction Factor (which you rightly say is the ISF)
  4. Carb Ratio (this is the bolus dosage)

Does this mean, the basal and bolus and ISF time window needs to be aligned so it fits in the same window? At the moment with my medtronic pump, my time window for all three cross over into each other.
So i have a basal setting running 4:30am - 10:30 am, and a bolus setting running 6:00am to 11:30am . So only 6:00am to 10:30am is common. That means I have to create 3 entries for this period:

  1. 4:30- 6:00am
  2. 6-10:30am
  3. 10:30-11:30am

To add to the mix, my ISF is also on a different time window. This is going to be very confusing to convert over.

I’m sorry, but I have to tap out. I’m completely confused by that. I’ve never heard of pre-scheduling a bolus. The X2 only has timed settings for basal rates. Boluses are only delivered when you request them, either from the bolus screen or via a series of button presses.

You can turn on what Tandem calls an extended bolus, too. I wonder if that’s what you mean?
That’s what you would know as a “square wave bolus”. That is done after initiating a bolus in the bolus screen (no quick bolus), you’re prompted to confirm the value, then the next screen asks how you want to deliver it. If you toggle the “extended bolus” option, you’ll then be asked to specify options. You can choose a percent to deliver now, and a time period up to 2 hours long to deliver the rest.

The 2-hour limit only applies while Control-IQ is active if you really want to enable a longer extended bolus, you have to turn off Control-IQ. Otherwise, they expect the software to make the adjustments for you.

No, I think I’ve confused you entirely - sorry :sweat_smile:. I’m not talking about prescheduling a bolus. I’m refering to just the normal basal and bolus dosage setup.

The pump allows you to set the insulin dosage across 24 hours.
So for example, the basal setting could be,

  • 00:00 - 4:30 = set to 1
  • 4:30 - 10:30 = set to 1.5
  • 10:30 - 16:00 = set to 2.3
  • 16:00 - 24:00 = set to 1.1

In this example, the basal delivery between 00:00-4:30 is 1 unit. and then increases to 1.5 between 4:30 - 10:30 and so on. What I’m saying is, I think (i may be wrong and this is what I’m trying to find out) the tandem tslim forces you to set the bolus amount as well for the same window. Whereas on medtronic pump, you can set the bolus irrespective of the window you have configured for your basal. Currently on my medtronic pump, my bolus setting is

  • 00:00 - 6:00 - 5g
  • 6:00: 11:30 - 4g
    -11:30 - 24:00 - 4.5g

As you can see, the timing windows for my bolus does not correspond to the timing windows for the basal.

Have I understood this setup correctly on the tslim - that the basal and bolus has to be align to the same time slot?

Yep. Like I said, I’m tapping out. LOL


I think I figured it out! Those 4, 5, and 4.5g’s are insulin:carb ratios at different time settings? Sorry, the numbers are just smaller than I’m used to and didn’t recognize them as that. Either that, or I just need more sleep.

Yes, insulin:carb ratios are tied into timed slots in your basal profile(s). But, you can still easily accommodate what you’re used to. You just have to create a few more time segments.

00:00-4:30 1u/hr and 1:5g
4:30-6:00 1.5u/hr and 1:5g
6:00-10:30 1.5 u/hr and 1:4g
10:30-11:30 2.3u/hr and 1:4g
11:30-16:00 2.3u/hr and 1:4.5g
16:00-00:00 1.1u/hr and 1:4.5g

BUT… All that may not even be required. Most likely your settings are going to have to change. The pumps deliver insulin differently, their accuracies are different, and you’ll probably absorb the insulin differently. Fair warning, you may not be happy your first week or so. Growing pains. But once you get your new settings dialed in, you’ll probably find you can simplify them. Control-IQ is great at smoothing the inconsistencies out. You really just have to aim it in the right direction.

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Yes, the basal and bolus numbers are entered in the same slot. But you can add more slots if a carb ratio or basal rate changes independently of the other. When I switched over from Animas (and Medtronic before that), I did not like how Tandem uses time slots. But once you get everything entered, it works fine. And yes, the Insulin Duration and Max Bolus are entered once for the entire profile.


Yay! Yes that’s what I mean :joy: sorry and I also work in mmols. Haha

Oh really? Do you know what is the difference? Ultimately it’s the same amount of insulin isn’t it (if no adjustment) so effect should be pretty similar.

But I get that adjustments are probably in order.

Maybe you could reduce the periods to 1 or 2, on the idea Control IQ can respond to cgms changes and increase/decrease basal. Maybe @Laddie or @Robyn_H can comment if that works for them.

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Unfortunately control iq is not in Australia yet. I’m just preparing for the transition to Tslim in one month time.

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I’m not suggesting this per se, but I know people from other countries who use a vpn to access the site and make it look like you are in the USA to download the software upgrade. I don’t know vpn systems well enough to tell you, but yea. I know a few people who have done that. Just sayin. Even though u bought that in au, if you came to the USA for a holiday you could make a case to get the software.

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Appreciate that. The thing is the dexcom g6 to use control iq isn’t here either so even if my pump was up to date with latest software, I still can’t use it :roll_eyes:

Ok you will need a USA operative to buy ur sensors and upgrade ur software

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