Ttc with type 1

Oh okay interesting. I used to have a Medtronic one too and HATED it. It was so inaccurate that it really just hurt more than it helped. I never used it. I was just curious since you said yours wasn’t that helpful!!!

I’ve had a Dexcom for a few years now and it’s amazing (for me).

It’s not the accuracy – the Guardians are a newer generation of Medtronic’s sensors and I find them quite accurate. I just currently don’t find the benefit of any sensor over frequent testing to be worth it, mostly for the two reasons I describe: body real estate challenges (with the little babe all over me most of the time) and actually not wanting random alarms that might wake her up because I am holding her for a nap and can’t clear them. :slight_smile:

Oh okay that’s very good to know actually. I wanted to try the new Medtronic 670g, but every study I found said that the Medtronic sensors are less accurate than Dexcom so I was afraid to switch. I’m glad to know it has been accurate for you. I’m sure it’s also different for each person!

I totally understand that - sometimes my CGM alarm drives me INSANE! haha

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