TuDiabetes.com: Second place in Web 2.0 Awards for Niche Social Networks

Thanks to this post by member Tim Welch, I just learned about this:

TuDiabetes.com picked up second place in the Web 2.0 awards for Niche Social Networks!!

I am speechless!! This is only possible because of EVERYONE. It's such an honor to serve this community.

i agree that it is an honor to serve this community. it is AWESOME about this award!

Great work, Manny! Could TuDiabetes.com become The Next Big Thing ™ any faster? :wink:

Congrats Manny!

Congratulations!! But I have to wonder exactly how and why they rated the “usefulness” of this community lower than they did for MotherClick? Of course, I’m not a mother (50% of the world’s population by virtue of gender never will be), but it would be interesting to find out just how the competition is scoring so high in that regard to see how we might improve our scores there next time around!

Congratulations, Manny – and to everyone who helps make TuDiabetes what it is, and what it can and will be!

We just published a press release about this: