TuDiabetes featured on DRIFocus, Summer issue

We have started receiving members who have read about us on the Summer issue of the DRIFocus newsletter, from the Diabetes Research Institute.

We are very thankful for this recognition alongside established communities like CWD and Diabetes TalkFest, and well known blogs like DiabetesMine and Scott Strumello’s.

Attached you can find the page in the newsletter where the article mentioning us is found.

This is GREAT that TuDiabetes and other great sites/blogs were highlighted in the newsletter!!!

How is it possible to subscribe to the DRI Focus newsletter? I am interested but couldn’t find the info on their website!

The DRI folks got back to me. Indeed the subscription link is not quite visible.

However, you can subscribe to the newsletter by completing the form on this page. Filling it out wil get you the eUpdates as well as DRIFocus.