Turbo Chalene Johnson at Idea fitness center in LA

Anybody going? Anybody want to go with me!!! The party has fire eaters at it! and Free give aways to TURBO FIRE from beach body. Anybody want to take pics with Chalene? LA AREA

HELLO all turbo kick, turbo jam, or turbo fire, or chalean extreme

Chalene Johnson is hosting a really cool meet and greet at the world


Now the event i want to go to is really like the a big gathering of

vendors with coupons and samples, and in there will be a Turbo Fire

booth. After a certain time riders can board the Turbo bus and get to go

to Jlounge to hang out with chalene and turbo lovers of all sorts!! I’m

looking for somebody who loves working out to turbo, doesn’t drink,

wants to meet Chalene Johnson, and dance at the club! Just email me on here.

here is extra info about the event


From Chalene Johnson Facebook/twitter: Fri 8/6/ 6pm Meet me & the

cast of TurboFire booth (#615) IDEA WORLD Fitness Conference! LA

Convention Center! Signing autos and taking pics with all of you! Then

jump on the the Turbo Fire party bus and head down to the launch party

@the JLounge (couple blocks away) 7pm til Midnight! Dance party! Come

casual or dress to impress! U coming?


site to get free expo hall pass: