Type 1 about to start on Metformin. Questions!

So, tomorrow I start on Metformin. I was diagnosed as type 1 in July, and have been on Novorapid and Lantus since my diagnosis. Since then, I’ve gone from 65kg to 75.1kg! This is despite taking very small amounts of insulin (2-4-6 novorapid and 6 units lantus- I’m still honeymooning!) and keeping my carbs between 60-80g. I’ve also been going to the gym reguarly since January.

Are there any other type 1’s taking Metformin, and if so, how are you finding it? Has it helped with weight loss? Have you experienced side effects? I’m guessing I’ll have to monitor my levels quite closely as I’ll be at greater risk of hypo’s… should the lantus be decreased as well as the novorapid?

I’m not too sure how long it will take to start working and affecting my levels… should I take the same units as usual for breakfast tomorrow, or slightly less? I’ve been told to take it with food tomorrow morning, and that’s about it!
I’ll be taking 1 pill in the morning for a week, then move on to 2, one in the am, one in pm after that.

Sorry for all the questions! Any advice/personal experience with Metformin would be great, as I dont really know what to expect from it. Thanks : )

When my son was first diagnosed they weren’t sure if he was a 1 or 2 so they started him in the hospital on Metformin and Insulin… It was awesome! He was honeymooning…but when they got all the tests back finally…they said he was a type 1 and took him off the Metformin…NOTICEABLE diffrence in how much insluin he needed… I wish they would put him on it now that he is out of the honeymoon and uses almost 100 units…A DAY.

Hi Emma, I’m a type I (going on 19 years) and several years back I started noticing marked insulin resistance: I took more and more, but still couldn’t tightly control my glucose, I also, despite exercising like a mad person, or barely eating, could not budge the scale AT ALL. I think all that unutilized insulin just made me gain weight. Anyway, about a year ago I started on Metformin (actually name brand extended release metformin) and almost immediately noticed I was having lows. I had to lower my insulin rates on my pump. I recently added another dose (so 1000mg in the am and 1000mg pm) and the next day noticed lows again. It has definitely increased my insulin sensitivity, which is great. I did have stomach upset in the beginning that subsided fairly quickly, and when I doubled the daily dose, had terrible lethargy and more stomach upset. After a few weeks that seems to have subsided too, and I think the metformin is totally worth it. I haven’t really lost too much weight, but some (about 15lbs in a year) but for someone who couldn’t lose 1 ounce for many years, I’ll take it! Good luck! I hope it works out for you too. Let me know :slight_smile: