Type 1 and CT Scan with dye

Just curious if anyone has had a CT scan where they inject the dye? I am scheduled to have one on December 1 and not sure what kind of side effects I should be expecting if any. Will my BSs raise? I have been trying to research on the 'net with not much luck. Thank you!!!

I had one done years ago. I don’t remember any diabetes-related side effects. I did disconnect my pump (wasn’t on a CGM at the time, so not sure about that).

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They may test kidney function if you have not had recent test. I had one CT scan done with borderline kidney test numbers, so they had to do saline drip to increase fluids, before and after the scan. If you are on metformin, or some other drugs, they may ask you to skip them. The dye must be processed by kidneys to eliminate it, which is the key concern for PWDs.

I did not experience any effect on BGs, although certainly stress can be a factor.

I am currently ion a pump.

Just had one done about two months ago, no side effects or changes in glucose readings. You do need to remove your pump and suspend it but you can leave your site in place. Your scan most likely take about 15 minutes in total depending on what they are scanning.

I had one a year or so ago. No side effects at all.

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Do you have to drink a quart of Barium. Mmmmm.