Type 1 diabetes and energy loss during strenuous exercise

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Levemir should be present for approximately 24 hours after you shoot it, but is supposed to act in a low, flat curve.

shows the different curves. "Think Like a Pancreas" and "Using Insulin" have a chart that suggests that for pre-exercise fueling, you bolus and "cut" the dose by a %age, taking a part of of the regular bolus for an hour of moderate exercise. I haven't found the chart online but took a pic of the one from the book:

If my BG runs too high during a race for whatever reason, I'll enter the BG into the pump, like 200, and it'll figure out a 'correction bolus' and then reduce it to 1/3 of the regular bolus. Same thing pre-run. I kind of "cheat" as I have a CGM and pump but they have informed my approach and it usually works decent.

In the "Blogs" section, MeganJ, who posted here, also wrote a great account of a race she just did, going through some of the details and approaches that she used and how she "just did it" in a triathlon!


I don't know the answer to that.

When I was on Lantus, if I worked out prior to a meal, usually before dinner, I never bolused. I never had a particular problem going high during a workout, so I'm assuming that the Lantus was covering my needs.

Tell me more about this CGM sir. How hard are they to aquire? I have pretty good insurance, I’m type 1, I’m law enforcement(which is to say that my job is very dynamic) and I exercise on a regular basis. Will my insurance cover the costs of a CGM based on these factors? I have a doc appt w/ my endo in a couple of days, so lemme know.


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"hard to acquire" is an interesting term, as "hard" means different things to different people? Since it looks like you have a pump already, it'd probably be fairly easy?

CGMs are awesome! :) But do not replace your glucometer, just one more gadget in the handy diabetic tool box. Usually insurance companies look at your A1C and number of documented lows. Make sure to speak with your endo about your interest in one, and they should direct you to the CGM company reps and be able to get the ball rolling for you.

thanks Megan! I'm sure that this device will definetely help me manage my energy on my runs. I'm excited about this! :) I didn't have a problem getting a pump so I suspect that the CGM won't be a problem either.

alright, i’m almost there. unfortunately i’m still experiencing lows during exercise but i’m a work in progress:)
here is another concern that I have though. What happened to my liver?? I thought that it was supposed to detect lows and do a glucose dump when BG gets too low.
Can anyone help me better understand exactly what causes the liver to do or not to do glucose dumps.
if this question has already been answered then please disregard. i’ll just look for it. thanks!

and I have an omnipod! It’s Awesome!! I wasted a few pods at first trying to figure out the best placement (kept knocking them off). Fortunately, my Diabeetas educator was sympathetic and replaced most of them for free! :slight_smile:
It’s a great device. I believe that the best place to wear them is on the front of the upper thigh(left or right)close to the groin area. Forget about wearing them on your arms. you will knock them off everytime. Guaranteed!