Type 1 Diabetes at School

Hello everyone!

I'm hoping someone has some experience with dealing with a school that lacks knowledge on type 1 diabetes students. My son's school has approximately 800 students and he is the first one with diabetes. While I understand this is new to his school, I am frustrated that the school does not understand how important this is. I completed a section 504 Plan (and a diabetes medical management plan (DMMP), which they obviously don't want to file, and then the principal requested a letter in addition to explain why I thought it needed to be filed. I supplied the letter and he gave me the districts procedures for filing a 504 Plan. I called yesterday and now he is waiting to hear from the district physician. In the meantime, the nurse has asked that my son be picked up from school every other month for a day at 1:45 so she can attend a school nurse meeting. I have supplied everything they need to care for Ryan at school. I even went to school with him at lunch for week to help the nurse out. What more can I do? If you have a similiar experience please respond! Thanks - Janice

Good luck with this one. I know there are a few other mothers here who have children with Diabetes. I know that at least one or two mentioned their experience with the school. Hopefully they will see your post. You may also want to search the site for “School” or something similar to see what comes up. Good luck with the school system (as trying as it can be)

Hi, I have my son in private kindergarten and have a different issue, however I do know that your child is covered by law and your shcool is to adhere to your 504 plan, or they will lose there federal funding. I called our school district today, my elementary school seems like they deal with the issues well, I will see next year. Also try contacting your local JDRF Branch, they can be extrememly helpful

Hi Janet, Thank you for responding! I had Ryan in private kindergarten too and then his school last year was great (I miss it). Now he is in 3rd grade and they don’t seem to understand how important this is. I will try to call my local JDRF. Thanks again!

No problem! Glad I could help. Let me know how it goes. It will work out, sometimes people need an extra push :slight_smile:

my daughter is also the first and only student with diabetes. She also is in a private school, as long as the school is receiving fed. funding they must follow the 504.
If they are not, they do not need to follow it.
My daughters school is very willing to help and learn what they need to do. I have not filed a 504 yet, but i i’m looking into doing it now, only because there is not nurse, the teachers have been doing her insulin and checks. So I am hoping that I can get an assitant into the school for her. JDRF is great, they have helped me out a lot.

well to add to the mix here, my daughter shannon is 9, also attends a private christian school (that she absolutley loves), but the issue I have is that there is NO school nurse. Meaning I am responsible for giving her sliding scale injections @ lunchtime if she has a high. No one is trained to do this? I understand dear old mom has T1 as well for the last 19 yrs., but this should not be the only person able to give a shot. I drive her to school & pick her up every day as well as drive ther for needed lunch shots. (as there is no available school bus).I was wondering if anyone had any luck w/ their respective school issues?