Type 1 for 55 years

Anybody out there…I was diagnosed in 1954-54 when I was 3-years old and living in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa…when it was part of the “British Commonwealth”… I have many stories to share with all of you out there…I would love to chat to people in the “same boat” as me…I am incredibly fit and relatively “complication” free…I started with the beef and pork insulin, to testing urine over a “bunson burner”, to steralizing glass syringes and sharpening metal needles, to NOW wearing a Minimed pump and a GCM system…I HAVE come a long way…from those “early days” to now, in America - and still working a 10-hour day. I have two wonderful, healthy children ages 30 and 28, both diabetes free…I think I have gone through all the emotions, trials, tribulations, denial…and I can honestly say it has to do with the good “genes” I have…somewhere.
Please reply back, would love to hear from anybody who has lived this disease for so many years.

I’ve been a type 1 for almost 53 years. I was 9. Unfortunately, I have suffered a lot of complications. Me and my wife always laugh when I am driving down the street, and somebody will cut me off. I’ll say “whatsa matter, you blind?” "Oops, I am!"
I have a lot of circulation problems too.
Like you, I remember the old days when I only had to take one shot a day. I remember testing my urine in a test tube with a tablet.
My mom used to give my shot and measure out my food. Bless her heart.
I am now on a Ping pump since last November. Why did I ever wait? I dunno.
My children and grandchildren are all diabetes free, and I hope it stays that way.

Thanks for sharing your story Sheila! Wow, life with diabetes has changed. I’ve only been in this world for 6 years… so it’s easy to take for granted what I have!

I’m speechless

20 years is great…may you have many more…yes, I lived through two pregnancies without a glucometer…it was purely guess work and a very strict diet…I was so scared for the babies…I have two wonderful children so maybe I shouldn’t have been so hard on myself. They are both very healthy. I was reading the comments on “you know your BG is low when…” OMG they are so funny…been there, done that…have you ever sat down in the middle of Home Depot parking lot and cried like a baby because you cannot find your car - and you are 50 years old !!! OMG…its hysterical…the things we do…at least life is never dull !!

Hi Sheila,
Its nice to meet someone who like myself - has gone through all the different treatment strategies and trials of being a lifer as a diabetic so to speak. I was diagnosed in 1961 at the age of 8. Boiled my glass syringe albeit on a stovetop, had to have Dad sharpen the needles that were used over and over and over again. Hollow spaces in my thighs from using beef and pork insulin products over and over again and the list goes on. I can remember sitting on the counch for an hour getting up the courage to give myself my daily shot. I also remember the tablets and 10 drops of urine in the vial to test my sugar via the urine. It was always so frustrating that I just stopped testing when I was about 12. I also have no complications, 2 beautiful children without this disease and can honestly say I’m blessed. I started the CGM Minimed system (have already been pumping for about 10 - 15 years - I’ve forgotten really how long!) and can share your frustration over the Minimed help line. One good thing about being diabetic is you learn how to be your own advocate real fast. Anway - saw your post and thought I should share. Great to meet you!!

Hi Linda:
Lovely to hear from you. Yes, I have huge hollow indentations on my thighs…I remember “stabbing” myself with blunt needles and the insulin “stinging” when I pushed the plunger too quickly. Then you got a huge lump under the skin that wouldn’t go away. Yes, I stopped testing my urine when I was about 9 or 10 or 12. I used to eat anything and everything…just “it won’t happen to me”…well…it does…in time…I know…Yes, its only over the last 10 or so years that I have been an advocate of my own health…and I get so annoyed when people try and tell me what to do. Keep up the good work…hopefully it will pay off. I don’t particularly want to live until I am 90 - but I wonder how long I will be around…so far, so good…