Type 2 but Not the Normal? 2nd Endo Opinion?

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Any T2s or T2s that were then diagnosed as LADAs that didn’t fit the T2 profile? Since being diagnosed in April of this year, as a T2, I have been adamant that it just can’t be true… I must admit denial played a huge factor initially…I asked for my thyroid to be checked and everything else just to be sure. My endo did run antibody tests…several of them to be exact and they all came back negative…So T2 was my diagnosis… I’m 31, 145 lbs and 5’6"…nowhere near overweight and I lead a very active lifestyle… My BGs at diagnosis were in the 3-400s and my fasting was always over 225…crazy! I was immediately put on insulin, and I slowly saw some improvement… 20 units of lantus and 7 units of humolog at each meal. My endo couldn’t ask me to change my diet or exercise because neither of those were issues for me. Well as we approach July, my BGs are creeping back up…fastings have been 150+ and my numbers throughout the day stay over 200. My diet is extremely healthy and without trying I have actually been losing weight.

From reading topics on here I quickly realize that everyone’s diabetes is different…Any thoughts or feedback I would greatly appreciate… My next appointment is in August…Pending my A1c results, I’m certain my Endo will just increase my insulin…Do you think it would be a good idea to get a 2nd opinion? Could I truly be a LADA?


Hi @TC5683, regardless of your diagnosis it sounds like insulin might be your future. I would suggest that healthy diet or not you ask your Endo for a CDE referral. You might discover what is causing the high bgs. A CDE working with your Endo is a very powerful tool if you take advantage of it.

BTW, I was diagnosed T2 and later as LADA. For years as a T2 I behaved in a T1 manner, except the antibodies always were below the diagnostic threshold for T1. I am currently insulin dependant.


My diagnosis seems similar to yours - I was not overweight, was active, and ate a “healthy diet” when diagnosed as T2. I went on insulin a few months after diagnosis. I also asked for all sorts of testing, but everything was “normal” except glucose… Initial antibody test for GAD65 antibodies was negative, though my insulin level and c-peptide level post-prandial were in the normal range (inconsistent with insulin resistance). Over a fairly short time, my c-peptide results fell to very low levels, at which point my endo at that time changed my diagnosis o Type 1. In terms of treatment plan, nothing changed…

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I was initially diagnosed as Type 2, with similar circumstances to you (fit, normal weight, etc.). I was able to get my BG under control with oral meds, but with some weirdness going on… sure enough, antibody tests came back positive about a year after initial diagnosis. The only indication other than that I was insulin sensitive was a very low fasting insulin level.

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Thanks so much!!! I have seen a CDE and a Nutritionist and both have been very helpful. Thanks so much for your feedback…

Are you now insulin dependent? If you don’t mind me asking…

Are you now insulin dependent?


Yes. Been taking insulin since 4 months after diagnosis, but could manage without it without too much trouble. Now, though, my pancreas isn’t making enough insulin to keep my blood glucose from skyrocketing, so I’m quite dependent on it.

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I’m not yet, no. I can just about see it from here, though… Fasting BGs are creeping ever upwards, and I’m having a harder and harder time maintaining an acceptable A1c without eating ultra-low carb, which I’m not a fan of. Then again, it can take years for LADA to become insulin dependent, although more modern treatments suggest insulin early. I, unfortunately, live in an area of the U.S. where modern treatments are non-existent.

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I have been told that I am type 2 but not because of insulin resistance, it not being my problem. My pancreas just doesn’t make enough insulin, will be on pump forever. When reading forums, relate more to LADA than type 2s.