Type 3!

Hey I was given the diagnosis of type 1 when I was 47 years old. It was after two weeks of a Antibiotic that was deem defective throughout the world…except in the USA, pulled from market by the manufacturer in 2005 … their reason lack of profit!
This LADA is a new subject for me… was it going to happen or was it the drug??? I will never really know even after years of legal battle with the drug company… I was told that I was a incidental casualty of the drug!..Win or loose I am still a diabetic. I fight everyday to keep moving past the whole thing. Hey life is what it is! With my pump and lots of gym days I am doing better then I thought I could. I almost enjoy seeing my progress at the gym. Six weeks ago I did my 1st set of pull up (it was only 3)…Today I can now do 10, in fact 2 sets of ten!
My dream is to see the world and live long as I could. Thank You for this forum. I hope to learn and/ or help from this place!

Good attitude, just keep moving. I hate drug companies because they deemed that if a few people out of a thousand get seriously hurt with their junk then its ok. But it is not one person, it is a chain of people that are tied to us and those people are part of our dealings with the outcomes. Take care

What was the antibiotic and what were you being treated for?

I’ve never heard of Type 3, but I’m a LADA 1.5. (Makes me sound like a cyborg, huh?) That whole drug company thing can be like a motorcycle crash…You can be the best motorcycle rider in the world, wearing all the safety gear and following all the rules and some idiot can be reckless and munch you. You may be totally in the right, it may be totally their fault, but you still end up crunched! I don’t even know what “crunched” me! I don’t have anything to blame. I guess it would be easier if I had another party to blame, but I’ve decided that it’s just my dose of “life crap”. It may sound pessimestic, but I figure we all get a share and I guess this is part of mine! A lot of people have it way worse than me, so I’ll take it. At least I’m not an AIDS baby in Africa, or even a diabetic in a third world country, where they don’t even know what killed you after you die!

That is awesome that you aren’t dwelling on “fault” and just going forward. When I get overwhelmed with the entire picture (I am a nurse on a diabetic in patient floor and take care of dialysis, amputee and blind diabetics everyday), I just ask myself if I did everything I could to take care of myslef today. If I can say I did, then I can sleep well. You are doing what you should and you keep putting on foot in front of the other. All those little choices are what allow you to have feet to put in front of the other! Kudos! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

I am sorry that I can not tell you the name of the drug I had to sign papers saying that I would not say anything.
I am sure if you GOOGLE the words antibiotics and diabetes ad scroll through some of the pages. You’ll find it!
I was being treated for a strep pneumonia, it was penicillin resistant.